Corporate Team Building
Chocolate-Making and Bake-Off Events

 Paul HargreavesBoth the Chocolate-Making-Challenge and the Big Lane End Bake-Off are perfect corporate team building activities for corporate groups of any size. These activities perfectly combine a good amount of fun with challenging team work.

£50 + VAT per person | Choose either the Chocolate-Making or Bake-Off event and experience an interactive two hour event hosted by Award Winning Chocolatier Paul Hargreaves - minimum number 12 or £5 supplement per person for groups under 12.

£70 + VAT per person | Combine both activities for an interactive four hour event hosted by Paul Hargreaves from Coccoa & Cream.

A fun and highly interactive day, which can be facilitated to either strengthen teamwork within an exisiting team or enhance the competitive spirit between individual teams. Click below to read more about the two different approaches.

The Team Challenge Format

Participants will work in teams of approximately eight or ten to produce their own range of truffles or baked goods. This corporate team building activity includes elements of team work through creating a brand, pricing, cost-control and presentation.

Example: Chocolate Making

Intro (15 minutes) | A brief introduction to the origins of chocolate, how it is made and what it cost to produce.

Chocolate tasting (15 minutes) | Delegates are presented with a range of chocolates from all over the world.

Brand concept (30 minutes) | The delegates will split into their groups and work together to come up with a brand and logo, target market, retail price and profit margin for a new line of chocolates. The only recourses they will have are a flipchart and pens.

Demonstration (15 minutes) | The expert will give a detailed demonstration on how to make a chocolate truffle from start to finish

Product development (30 minutes) | The delegates will be given gloves and aprons, raw ganash, liquid chocolate, coating and packaging. Their task is to make their own truffles in line with their concept and brand brainstormed earlier.

Presentation (30 minutes) | Each team will present their finished work to the judging panel, introducing their new product in a brief ‘Apprentice style’ presentation detailing why they have decided to aim at a certain target market and how their brand reflects this. They will also need to justify why they have priced the items as they have. The judging panel will taste test the produced chocolates and considering the information given in the presentation award a prize to the winning team.

Award - 5 bottles of wine will be presented to the winning team. Delegates will also each take home a bespoke box of self-made truffles.

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