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Retaining Clients

There are 4 key areas that play a significant role in retaining a client’s business:

The suitability of the venue

From my experience, once a client has found a venue with the perfect design, layout and facilities to meet their exact requirements, they are not very likely to look for another conference venue (unless there is something else that lets the venue down).

Understanding the client’s objectives

In order to encourage repeat business it is fundamental that the team understands the client’s objectives. The only way you will be able to meet their exact requirements is by knowing what it is they want to achieve so that you can provide the solution.

Responding to the client’s needs

Whether it is a request for technical assistance in the meeting room or help in arranging off-site entertainment during the course of their stay, any client values a proactive response and it will, at least, build rapport.

 Friendly service

It all comes together with a friendly manner and a welcoming smile. Whether it is chasing a contract or serving lunch, making the bed or discussing future bookings, a pleasant experience is the final piece in the puzzle to encourage a client to come back time and again.

 Here is a brief case study you may find interesting

One of our most loyal clients, an Association with a strong membership from the financial sector, has been running one of their programmes for members at our venue for over a decade. This year we have pulled out all the stops to remind them that we care as much about their business today as when they first came to Lane End Conference Centre.

 What we knew: We understood our client’s requirements and objectives. We knew that the conference space was conducive to their objectives and that the layout combined with the exclusive use of an entire building was perfect for what they wanted to achieve.

 What we found out: During a review meeting where we’ve discussed feedback we realised that some of the requirements have evolved and that the demand had changed.

 How we responded: We took the feedback on board and involved the client in our plans to refurbish their preferred area (Wycombe Hall).

 What the client said: “The team at Lane End Conference Centre listened to our feedback and the improvements made have exceeded our expectations. New windows were built to increase natural daylight, the ceiling height was increased and plasma screens were installed in the conference and break-out rooms. Through their proactive effort they have strengthened a longstanding relationship.”

The client usually books a year in advance and we have now secured their business for 2010.

We consider the feedback from all our clients when we plan our ongoing programme of facility development, but in this case, because the client has come to know us so well, we were able to attach particularly weight to its comments. The changes we have made will benefit all users of our Wycombe Hall building.

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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