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Escape to the city to save cost

Companies can dramatically cut the cost of conferences and meetings without compromising quality by choosing a residential conference centre outside the city.

Opting for a business-dedicated residential conference centre within easy reach of the city not only cuts costs – the peaceful countryside location promotes better and more productive conferences.

Our business-dedicated venue, Lane End Conference Centre, is just 30 miles from London. We have seen a steady stream of companies heading out of the capital in search of perfect conferences at lower cost and better value, not to mention the peaceful setting.

Personally I feel there are several misconceptions surrounding conferences in the current economic climate.

The first is that you have to put up with less if you want to cut your costs – you don’t. You merely have to switch locations from expensive city centres to an easily accessible countryside conference centre which offers much better value.

The second misconception is that a countryside residential conference centre cannot offer the same sophisticated conference facilities and comfort as the city – wrong again. We can, we do and we get delegates from all over the UK, Europe, the Americas and the Far East as a result.

Lane End Conference Centre is set in 26 acres of stunning countryside in Buckinghamshire’s Chilterns but is under 30 miles from London and Heathrow – an hour’s drive – with easy motorway connections via the M40.

Its extensive facilities – which include free Wi-Fi and 166 free car parking spaces – are spread across five distinct buildings, enabling companies to book an entire building, including bedrooms, catering and conference facilities for maximum privacy. Lane End has state-of-the-art dedicated conference facilities usually associated only with locations in the heart of the city.

Companies think that just because their head office is in the city, then their conferences must be there as well. But the reality is that most delegates simply do not live in the city centre. It is easier for them to get to a convenient rural location such as Lane End than it is to struggle through all the city centre traffic congestion.

Rural business locations such as Lane End present delegates with a further range of opportunities and benefits.

Training at Lane End Conference Centre frees delegates from the usual interruptions that they would experience at the workplace, enabling them to learn more effectively.

Escaping the constraints of the normal day-to-day work environment promotes creative thinking and enhances problem solving capabilities.

All the extra leisure facilities and the aspirational location are an added incentive for valued staff, particularly if the course is combined with a themed dinner or similar reward.

As a team building venue, Lane End conference centre can offer intelligent corporate challenges with a strong focus on problem-solving. Events company Off-Limits works with delegates to incorporate the chosen subject message into activities selected and provides a wide range of team events, such as the original BBC’s It’s a Knockout.

Archery is another activity option. Teams shoot at dinosaurs on a specially designed course in the grounds. Lane End also hosts an annual archery tournament.

Also, events company Hi5 works with Lane End to offer a further range of team-building activities such as Segway driving, human football, target golf and air rifle scrabble.

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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