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Cut Costs And Save Time With Fast, Reliable IP Video Conferencing Facilities

With today’s technology, there is absolutely no reason why delegates on the other side of the planet should not join in your conference via video conferencing.

It saves time and reduces costs.

But why settle for today’s technology when you can have tomorrow’s superfast IP video conferencing at Lane End Conference Centre?

With broadband speeds of up to 100Mb/second, Lane End offers fast, stable and reliable video conferencing and webcasting facilities. (Our broadband is Grade A+, the UK’s top one per cent).

Lane End recently hosted a conference that was streamed to 47 countries around the world.

New superfast broadband gives a new hi-tech edge to every business meeting venue at Lane End. We can offer you:

Video Conferencing Facilities

Up to 40 participants in a conference venue at Lane End communicating through a video conferencing link with one person or a group of people in one location.
The package includes a video camera, roaming microphones and a technician.
Price, £650+VAT per day.

Broadcast a conference at Lane End over the internet for participants to view from multiple locations.
The package includes Mac Pro streaming encoder with laptop, back up and webcast software; streaming engineer and secure streaming management; client-branded streaming page; viewer question facility.
Prices start from £2,351+VAT for 100 viewers of a one-hour presentation, up to £3,861+VAT for 2,000 viewers for a three-hour presentation.
Post-event video on demand hosting is available at £65 per hour per month.

To learn more about how IP video conferencing and webcasting can help you to cut costs and save time, or if you would like more information on Lane End’s other conference and training facilities, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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