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A Personal Tale About the Power of Experience

About 2,500 years ago Confucius said:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”

And that’s as true today as it was then, I’m not quite as old as Confucius – but teachers were still allowed to smoke in classrooms, when I was at school!

And the only thing I can remember now from 5 years of Grammar School chemistry lessons, is the day that some of my more expert and attentive chemistry class mates, mixed a tobacco mixture which exploded in Chalky White’s pipe when he set a match to it. That’s the power of an experience.

So about 50 years later I’m still convinced that the best way to reinforce learning and to help delegates really understand team work and leadership is to design experiences that replicate all the issues found in the workplace, but in a non-threatening yet challenging environment.

Here are the three key lessons, that crop up time and time again through experiential learning experiences:

1. Leaders learn to understand their preferred style and how to adapt in order to cope with different situations

2. They experience the power of trust and see the potential benefits when empowering team members and giving them credit for success.

3. They develop through experience a belief that by being passionate and visionary they will encourage innovation and creativity to achieve results.

Hi5 Events worked closely with Lane End Conference Centre to develop a range of experiential challenges, that are permanently fixed and part of the beautiful Chilterns landscape.

We work with various clients and training professionals to design experiences and facilitate learning, which reinforces the lessons from the classroom sessions.
Just imagine the unforgettable messages that can be delivered on problem solving, communication, leadership, team working, role allocation and more.

Guest blog by: Julian Dodson

Learning and Development Facilitator
Hi5 Corporate Events

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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