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Loyalty Matters

We recently caught up with loyal client Alan Francis who is once again holding an event here at Lane End Conference Centre next month. We discuss the exciting event and why he keeps coming back to us here in Buckinghamshire.

Loyalty matters – it really does, but that loyalty must be earned. We pride ourselves upon delivering excellence so clients will always consider returning for their next event.

One such client is Alan Francis who will be bringing the second annual Skills in Healthcare event back to Lane End on the 16-17th December. The main purpose of the event is to follow up and repeat the success of an Engagement seminar they ran for the first time last year for the entire Skills in Healthcare field-based teams. There will also be a chance to share their success over the past year and prepare for their first Investors in People assessment which will take place in January 2016.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host this fantastic event once again and Alan admitted it had been an easy choice to return to Buckinghamshire.

“We know that Lane End can, and will, deliver on every one of the physical aspects of running a large group meeting,” he explained. “We received a lot of great feedback about the content and the style of the seminar, but we also received many positive comments about Lane End as our choice of venue.

“It seemed appropriate that we should return to Lane End again this year as it gives us one less thing to worry about when planning an event of this size.”

When it comes to putting on successful events we aim to bring consistent excellence from the moment delegates step onto site until the moment they depart – something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Alan and his team.

“There is a confidence that Lane End will help us to achieve our objectives every time we use them,” he said. “The meeting room facilities, quality of service from all of the staff, quality of meals and refreshments, as well as having the correct overall atmosphere and ambience to run a professional event. That trust means that we can concentrate on running a great event rather than constantly worry about things going wrong or items not being ready or available.”

Excellence breeds good relationships and it is those partnerships that create a loyalty between venue and client. As the Skills in Healthcare event begins to take shape ahead of next month, Alan has looked back on what has been a long association with Lane End.

In fact, it was in 1995 that Alan began using Lane End as a venue of choice and 20 years later he still believes that it’s a venue that just keeps on delivering.

“I have been using the Lane End Conference Centre since 1995 and have probably run over 100 events across various sectors,” said Alan. “It has become the default location for me whenever I need a quality venue with superb facilities and attentive staff with a can do attitude. The general location is very convenient and the setting and the grounds around the Centre make it perfect for switching off from the day to day business and switching on to the event being held at Lane End. It also helps that the food is superb and the tea and coffee stations are available throughout the day! It’s that type of small but important attention to detail which makes Lane End so special.”

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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