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The Cooking academy at Lane End

Unlike other team building solutions, cooking together has much broader appeal to everyone, united by a need to eat. Food has nostalgic associations with childhood and happy times, therefore people are more likely to feel relaxed. Cooking together and sharing in the fruit of each other's labour can create a deep connection between people. For that reason the act of cooking as a team becomes a useful tool in bringing people together. 

Cooking is usually an activity reserved for personal space with family and friends. It is reminiscent of home life and therefore evokes a unique set of emotions leading to the breakdown of professional barriers between colleagues. 



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The smell of chocolate increases THETA brainwaves, which triggers relaxation. The perfect recipe for a team bonding experience in a beautiful, calm setting.


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A Kent - Learning & Development Manager

A Kent - Learning & Development Manager

Many thanks for all of your assistance in the lead to yesterday’s programme we delivered. Everything was absolutely perfect and the welcome & support from your front of house team on my arrival on Monday was fabulous. I also wanted to say how wonderfully friendly all the housekeeping and catering staff were, it really, really, does make a difference to the atmosphere of any venue, it is really noticeable.

Thankfully the rain didn’t impact too much on our delivery yesterday and all went to plan. Phew!!

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