Lane End remains open and continues to maintain measures such as wellbeing precautions, reduced meeting room capacities, a robust cleaning and sanatising regime and the provision of catering alternates.

These measures, whilst aligned to the guidelines set, check all the boxes with our recent guest reviews reflecting a continued and high standard of welfare, comfort and delivery of excellence.

Lane End's latest COVID-19 Secure Measures, "What to Expect Whilst on Site"  as well as Risk Assesment DOCUMENTS are availalble below, so you know what you can expect when you next visit.


Latest Update

Stay informed, read Lane End's latest COVID-19 Secure Measure Update here

What to Expect When on Site

Travelling to Lane End and still have questions about the COVID-19 Measures in place for an upcoming stay, meeting, conference or training?

Download Lane End's "What to Expect When on Site" Document here

Risk Assessment

Access Lane End's most recent COVID-19 Risk Assessment here, detailing Lane End's Occupational COVID-19 Risk Prevention Plan



Lane End's published articles might be noteworthy as we continue to face the unparalleled challenges of today; searching to provide solutions to keep everyone safe and instill confidence to travel, meet and train.

How Conferences Can Continue In A Post-COVID World - Copy

The COVID pandemic we have faced this year has been hugely disruptive for many businesses, and the hospitality sector is no different. With conferences traditionally bringing large groups of delegates together from international locations, exactly what people are now trying to avoid, Auria Heanley Co-founder of Oriel Partners, a boutique PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London looks at ways conferences can continue safely in a post-COVID world. By ensuring measures are taken now, it should mean that once conditions improve, conferences are able to start up again quickly and safely.

Will We Need Face-to-Face Meetings Post Covid-19?

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is for sure; we have to rethink the way we do business. The same applies to how we develop the skills and capabilities of our workforce. Every employee had to adapt almost overnight, muddling their way through zoom meetings and getting to grips with other technologies with very little training.

For the most part, organisations have adapted seamlessly, and the question is: Do we still need face to face interaction? 


With hotels allowed to reopen for transient business travel, the Government advice is to remain vigilant and for citizens to keep observing social distancing. 

Hotels are all upping their game in order to provide an attractive option for anyone looking to book accommodation for business travel. However, not all will be equal in their approach and execution, and it will be essential to consider the following five points when booking a hotel. 

Why are aesthetics important in a training environment?

We use five primary senses to learn and gain new knowledge and skills - hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. These all help us receive and retain information.

The Cambridge dictionary defines training as the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity. We know that there are different learning styles and that learners absorb information differently, but how does the immediate learning environment affect the way we retain new information? 

3 Reasons Why We Can Host Social Distancing Meetings

Given the unprecedented global situation it seems that, as business people, we took for granted the ease with which we were able to communicate, meet and engage with our colleagues. 

At Lane End, we are in a fortunate position to adapt our facilities seamlessly and effortlessly to accommodate meetings and events while observing social distancing measures. 

Why Choose Conference Facilities Near London

London is a colourful, fast-paced city teeming with attractions. While its endless sights and sounds may be a big attraction, they don’t necessarily lend themselves to creating productive learning and development experiences.

Those based in the capital, as well as those who frequent it with gnawing regularity, often appreciate a change of pace. This is nearly always realised with a change of scenery.

It’s here that venues on the outskirts of London come into their own.

3 Reasons Why Online Training Doesn't Work

From corporate seminars to sales, health and safety or management courses, this modern age is awash with different tactics when it comes to engaging and motivating your workforce. 

What does remain constant however, is the universal truth that staff training is vitally important to a company’s bottom line.

The question is – what is the most effective way to educate your team so that maximum benefit is gained from each course or seminar.

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