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International Association of Conference CentreS’ Green Star Certification


We have been awarded the IACC Green Star Accreditation for sustainability. 

Please find below our current policy in line with the Green Star Code.

1.    Lane End have an established Green Committee to promote and encourage efforts to exercise environmental awareness in every aspect of the business. 
2.    Our Environmental Policy is communicated to guests through on-site information and our official company website, and to staff in the communal staff room.
3.    We always seek new and innovative conservation, reduction, reuse and recycling programs that will safeguard the environment.
4.    We dispose of all waste properly by following UK Law for disposal of hazardous waste. 
5.    We are committed to these office practices: Double sided printing and copying, scrap paper used for notes, recyclable cartridges, donate unused supplies. 
6.    We limit newspaper distribution by managing the number of newspapers required in communal areas and only order what is needed. 
7.    We complete an annual waste audit and use the results to further reduce waste.
8.    We donate surplus furniture, building supplies and equipment for reuse elsewhere.
9.    We keep a maintenance log for all appliances, vehicles and equipment along with manufacturers’ guidelines and best practice for maintenance and inspection. 
10.    We promote energy efficient lighting and replace any non-efficient lighting to energy efficient LED lighting at point of renewal or new builds. 
11.    We have an on-site recycling plan in place for all waste items including paper, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, newspaper, fluorescent bulbs, toner cartridges, electronics, mobile phones and batteries. 
12.    We have established recycling procedures for staff along with training and follow-up inspections to ensure the procedures are being followed. 
13.    The Housekeeping department offers a recycling sorting service in all guest rooms and meeting rooms.
14.    We have eliminated the use of aerosol cans and will only entertain using aerosol where no alternative is available.  
15.    We have a towel and linen reuse program in guest rooms along with a simple sign to prompt guests to reuse their towels and linens. 
16.    We use recyclable containers for shampoos and creams in guest bathrooms.
17.    We also purchase concentrated cleaning products which can be diluted with water. 
18.    We do not use disposable food and beverage service wares such as paper plates. 
19.    We do not provide bottled water in meeting rooms unless it is specifically requested. We offer chilled water in thermos jugs. 
20.    We have water saving devices on all our taps, toilets and showers. 
21.    We meet the minimum guidelines for water saving fixtures: 
         a.    Toilets: low flush or dual flush model (2.5 gallon flush) 
         b.    Shower heads: low flow model (2.5 gallons per minute)
         c.    Taps: low flow faucet and aerator (2.2 gallons per minute)
22.    We have water meters and assess water usage every 24 months in order to evaluate the success of our water conservation practices.
23.    We use water saving landscaping by planting drought resistant plants, trees, shrubs and promote native landscaping to keep watering to a minimum.
24.    We sweep sideways and walkways rather than washing it down with water.
25.    We use energy efficient washers and dryers to reduce water usage in the laundry.
26.    We have a green purchasing policy in place.
27.    We ask our suppliers to source environmentally responsible products. 
28.    We ask our suppliers to source products with little or no packaging or to take back packaging for recycling or reuse. 
29.    We have preferred suppliers who proactively source environmentally responsible products and attempt to use products with independent environmental rating. 
30.    Products are bought in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging.
31.    We purchase environmentally friendly products including recycled paper and plastic alternatives.
32.    We purchase chemical-free, nontoxic, low-VOC, biodegradable cleaning products. 
33.    We do not use cleaning products and laundry or dish detergents that contain chlorine bleach.
34.    We are always reviewing, researching and sourcing environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate the use of hazardous materials, pesticides and herbicides. 
35.    We incorporate environmental preferences into purchasing documents and conversations with suppliers and vendors. 
36.    We have an energy management program in place to reduce consumption of electricity. 
37.    We purchase Energy Star rated (or equivalent) appliances and equipment. 
38.    We have a system in place to reduce the drying cycle when replacing commercial dryers. 
39.    We incorporate green design and eco-friendly building materials when building work and renovations are planned.
40.    All air handling equipment is properly cleaned and maintained and air quality is monitored on a routine basis. 
41.    Exhaust fans are vented to the outside and proper venting is maintained in high moisture areas such as the kitchen and laundry to improve air quality.
42.    High efficiency filters are installed on HVAC and other air filtering equipment. 
43.    All indoor windows and doors are inspected on a regular basis for proper seals and maintained to prevent heating and cooling loss. 
44.    We are currently considering alternative energy sources and reviewing options for solar heating. 
45.    We have purchased company vehicles with stop start functionality to uphold our ‘no idle’ policy. 
46.    Local produce is used in season and menu selections take advantage of local growing seasons.
47.    Organic ingredients are used wherever feasible and free run chicken, eggs and meat along with seafood sourced from sustainable fisheries.
48.    Food and Beverage supplies are purchased locally (within 500 miles) wherever feasible. 
49.    We offer alternatives to bottled water and served water on request in lieu of pre-filled glasses. 


We are always reviewing, researching and sourcing products and solutions to eliminate the use of hazardous materials, pesticides and herbicides. 

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