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London is a colourful, fast-paced city teeming with attractions. While its endless sights and sounds may be a big attraction, they don’t necessarily lend themselves to creating productive learning and development experiences.

Those based in the capital, as well as those who frequent it with gnawing regularity, often appreciate a change of pace. This is nearly always realised with a change of scenery.

It’s here that venues on the outskirts of London come into their own.


While the city boasts more than its fair share of conference centres, it by no means monopolises the industry.

In fact, a good number of conference venues based in or around the home counties have equally as good, if not superior facilities. Lane End falls into this very category.

Ours is one of a small selection of purpose-built residential sites outside London.

Lane End provides an environment that is conducive to successful learning and development experiences. The venue offers a modular design with five distinct conference buildings. Each is tailored to accommodate events ranging from 10 to 150, allowing each customer group to work and learn completely undisturbed in their own private space. The buildings come complete with conference rooms, dining facilities, accommodation, leisure and grounds for outdoor team experiences.

This differentiates us from standard offerings available at most of the 2,000+ venues on offer in London.

Dedicated conference centres of this kind come fully equipped with high quality technology, something that is not always included in the offer at many other locations.

Here you will find the very best technology, from 5Gbps broadband to audio-visual equipment. This is to the benefit of organisers and attendees alike, both benefiting from increased levels of enjoyment and productivity.


Dedicated conference venues that are built for purpose offer a choice of conference facilities with a range of capacities. Large numbers are typically associated with London, but such groups can certainly be accommodated elsewhere, including High Wycombe.

Moreover, these venues often have several large conference rooms with a number of dedicated syndicate rooms, leisure facilities and private dining areas in the same self-contained space. In short, great choice and versatility.

It is true, you may find ample options to choose from in London. However, keep in mind that more authentic and enjoyable experiences could be just a short distance away.


One of the biggest factors behind poor turn out is poor transport links.

London venues have the advantage of great access and most locations can be reached by the underground, taxis or trains. That is why it is so important for venues in rural locations to have the same level of access than those in the metropolis.

Delegates may have every intention of attending an event, only to find themselves stuck due to travel arrangements.

Despite being easily accessible, the sheer volume of people paired with challenges surrounding public transport, can make for a very stressful and unpredictable experience when attending events in London.

While a great many of its venues can be reached by road, rail and even air, the chances are you’ll encounter a crowd and potential delays whichever mode of transport you choose.

That prospect is a real turn off and can discourage attendees from making the effort – especially when travelling from further afield.

Those people are far more likely to attend events in a geographical area which is easily accessible from the main motorways and Heathrow airport.

Lane End provides light relief in this regard.  

Based in High Wycombe, we boast excellent accessibility. London itself can be reached in just 24 minutes courtesy of a train ride to/from Marylebone. Taxis are also on-hand to ferry people to and from the venue.

Heathrow airport can be reached within 30 minutes and Luton in less than an hour. This helps to attract visitors from afar and overseas, strengthening our appeal.

Finally, those travelling by car will be reassured to hear we offer up to 200 free parking spaces, the likes of which are gold dust in London. The venue is well situated and offers great links from the M40, M4 and M25.

London may draw a crowd but that’s not always a good thing.


When it comes to networking venues based away from the capital hold vast potential.

London is home to big business and all manner of events. Those attending a conference in the capital are likely to have done likewise the day before and will do so again the day after. Establishing relationships at such breakneck speed is almost impossible.

In contrast, meeting with fellow professionals and being truly present in the experience, may be that bit easier elsewhere.

Hall Deck 2 tn

Here they are removed from London and its many distractions. The temptation to catch a tube to Oxford Street or Covent Garden is removed, so too the urge to dart back into the office. This allows visitors to be truly invested, participating with undivided attention.

This is an ideal environment in which to build rapport, learn from peers and make lasting business connections.

Lane End’s beautiful surroundings allow delegates to take a breath and enjoy one another’s company, without the spectre and pressure of the big city.

Leisure Activities

The conference itself only accounts for part of the day. Come the conclusion of any event, attendees are often on the lookout for nearby attractions.

Granted, few regions provide more than London. However, the key is to keep delegates together and engaged without losing them to the streets of London.

Fun and entertainment can certainly be had elsewhere and often at far less expense. Lane End for instance, provides a huge range of free leisure and sports activities.

Our Cedar Club is a perfect example and a place to unwind after a long and potentially draining day.

Its facilities include a coffee lounge and bar, along with a gym and sauna. Pool tables are complemented by widescreen TVs, while good natured competition can be found in the form of virtual golf or table tennis.

Outside guests can indulge in a game of FootGolf, beach volleyball, tennis or five-a-side football. For those who want to exercise on their own there is a mile long fitness trail and running track.

Evenings can be enjoyed in one of four bars complete with snooker tables, or indeed the Cedar Club which is often likened to our own on-site pub.

Lane End’s location mean those intent on travelling into London and sampling its famous sites can do so with minimum fuss and cost. But a fantastic night can be enjoyed with neither the commute nor expense.


Organisers often cite London’s choice of hotels as a reason for staging events in the capital.

With everything ranging from budget hotels to The Savoy it is an understandable conclusion to make, but not necessarily the right one. To rule out venues further afield for these reasons is short-sighted. Particularly when many of these specialist conference venues offer residential facilities on-site.

Hall - Bedroom 1

Lane End are one such conference centre.

We have 111 en-suite bedrooms, each fitted with study desks, plasma TVs and windows awash with natural light.

We also take bulk bookings for upcoming events, removing the stress delegates encounter when sorting their own accommodation in London – where prices can spiral.

Our surroundings also promise a restful night’s sleep, something far from certain in one of the world’s busiest cities.

Customer Service

A good location does not guarantee a good conference experience.

The best technology and surroundings count for little if customer service is lacking.

This is never the case at Lane End. No stone is left unturned in a bid to deliver an exceptional conference experience.

This extends to those events subject to restrictions, such as meetings of medical professionals. Strict guidelines laid out by ABPI legislation dictate what can and cannot occur on such days. This often panics organisers but Lane End are experienced in delivering healthcare seminars and ensure everything falls within the law.

Exceptional customer service leaves a lasting impression and Lane End excels in that department. Something best evidenced in the results of our annual feedback survey, wherein almost 96% of visitors said they’d recommend us. We also secured a nomination for Excellence in Customer Service from the Buckinghamshire Business Awards.


In 2021 conferences are about so much more than what happens in the meeting room itself. Indeed what occurs outside of the classroom is often the biggest takeaway from the day.

Organisers are increasingly interested in flexible meeting spaces with the opportunity to work outside where possible. The meeting rooms at Lane End can be adapted with comfortable lounge seating, bean bags or left empty for the client to design a space that meets with their event objectives.


Those wanting to venture outside however are not exactly short on choice. They can partake in outdoor team exercises, working in small groups on the lawns or indeed bring the entire meeting outside to take place on one of four terraces.

Then there’s our team building facilities – giving attendees the chance to try their hand at archery, FootGolf and Segways to name but a few.

It’s this kind of offering, seldom found in London due to a lack space, which enhances the total conference experience for attendees. Breaking up the day in this manner is proven to result in greater productivity.

Return Visits

Finally, with so many conference venues in and around London they can easily become merged into one.

There are so many meetings of this ilk it’s sometimes hard to decipher one from the other, particularly for those attending dozens a year.

This is where venues outside of the capital provide a welcome point of differentiation. Lane End is close enough for people to come out of London and experience something entirely different.

Set among 26 acres of the Chilterns countryside it’s a world away from the constant whir of crowds and traffic and therefore more conducive to learning. Productivity is helped when people are spared day-to-day distractions and able to immerse themselves in a conference.

With an annual repeat customer rate of 71% the statics speak for itself. Customers return time and again not only to enjoy the high-quality facilities but to take advantage of the outstanding levels of customer service.

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