3 Reasons Why We Can Host Social Distancing Meetings

Given the unprecedented global situation it seems that, as business people, we took for granted the ease with which we were able to communicate, meet and engage with our colleagues. 

Communication forms the basis of every business, and it is when the channels of communication get challenged that we genuinely value its importance. It suddenly became the norm for people to fumble their way through setting up online meetings, coping with technical difficulties and learning through practice and experience. Businesses had to adapt at an unprecedented rate, but the global business community has managed to keep the wheels turning in some form or another. 

At Lane End, we are in a fortunate position to adapt our facilities seamlessly and effortlessly to accommodate meetings and events while observing social distancing measures. 

3 Reasons why Social Distancing is possible at Lane End:


The design and layout of our training venue has always been one of our main points of differentiation. The site offers five distinct buildings set within 26 acres of grounds. 

Each building is an entirely self-contained venue within the larger site. These buildings include everything you will need to run a successful meeting, while maintaining social distancing, with each offering a private dining room, coffee lounge, main meeting room, break-out spaces and bedrooms. 

The physical buildings occupy approximately 20% of the land, allowing plenty of space for guests to walk outside and interact with each other at a safe distance. Additionally, each building spills onto a spacious outdoor terrace that is often used for outdoor dining or group workshops. 

Please visit our website for floorplans, dimensions and capacities. We are waiving minimum numbers and will offer a flat hire fee to allow our meeting organisers to plan effectively in line with social distancing rules.


Although meetings and training events will be resuming, factors such as continued travel restrictions, reduced venue capacities and company policy may prevent some participants from attending. It is therefore vital to source a venue with technological capabilities and facilities to incorporate a virtual element to the meeting, allowing guests to participate remotely. 

Lane End benefits from a 2Gb fibre optic link, allowing for stable and risk-free virtual conferences. We provide our guests with a free fibre optic connection to set up their virtual conferencing solutions, or we can facilitate an introduction to our AV partner to discuss various solutions to more complex requirements.

You can find out more about our technical capabilities here


The UK Government suggests people work from home and avoid public transport where possible. Still, in some cases, it may be necessary for businesses to conduct meetings while maintaining distancing rules. Here venues outside London that are accessible by car will provide a welcome solution.

Located in the Home Counties, Lane End is within an hour of London and with easy access to the M40, M4 and M25. The venue offers plenty of free parking and is accessible by car without having to rely on public transport or inner-city traffic - supporting the need to remain vigilant and maintaining safe distances as the world is slowly returning to some version of normality.

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