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Spring in your step

Spring Into Step

1st Mar 2021

"The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter." Jen Selinsky

As business, travel, and hospitality prepare to reopen following the recent road-map published to get through the bitter COVID-19 pandemic, "Spring Into Step" with Lane End's four ideas on how to find the balanced health, economic and social benefit promised.

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7 Key Differences between Residential and Non-Residential Meeting, Conference and Training Venues

19th Feb 2021

Getting the venue right for your meeting, conference or training is crucial. But what are the benefits of choosing a residential venue over a non-residential venue and vice versa? Lane End explores these 7 key differences to ensure you choose the right facility:

1. Distractions

2. Travel and need for a hotel

3. Flexibility

4. Teambuiling / Networking

5. Time-out

6. Location and Parking

7. Cost


5 Tips on How To Organise Winning Online Meetings, Conferences or Training

15th Feb 2021

Organising online meetings, conferences or training brings its own challenges. Even though your direct, face-to-face contact with delegates is reduced, this doesn’t mean you have less to do to make them feel involved. It could be said that your job is harder, as you will need to keep people engaged via a screen or phone line and prevent them from becoming distracted by phone messages, emails and other calls on their time.

Lane End's 5 Tips on How To organise winning online meetings, conferences and training focuses, here, on:

1. Opening thoughts

2. Location, location, location

3. Perfect Preparation

4. Speak

5. Technicalities


Love, locally

6th Feb 2021

February, the month of love, is a time to celebrate, share and remember love. 

While this month is associated primarily with Valentine’s Day, it's apt to highlight the random acts of love we feel or romantic gestures we could show someone else. 

We do so with a touch of quirky poetic licence, here, whilst showing our love and appreciation to some of the area's local businesses in the process.


"January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow." Sara Coleridge

25th Jan 2021

With the first real snowfall of the year in Lane End, Buckinghamshire and surrounds it can be hard to come up with ways to do activities and safely so. Whether braving the weather, or staying inside where it is safe and cosy, here's our guide to doing 4 things to make your feet and fingers glowing and fill your heart with excitement and contentment.

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Post-COVID Meetings, Conferences and Training

15th Dec 2020

For several industries, the COVID pandemic has been hugely disruptive, and the hospitality sector is no different.

With conferences historically bringing together large numbers of participants from foreign locations, Auria Heanley, co-founder of Oriel Partners, a boutique PA and administrative recruitment company located in Central London explores what small face to face, external, virtually(vr), socially distance and non-residential meetings, conferences and training will look like post-COVID here.

Mike Gough - Operations Director

A Glimpse of the Real Challenges a Venue Faces After Re-opening

6th Sep 2020

With so much focus on the Hospitality Industry, due to the impact of COVID19 on particularly Conference Centres as well as Hotels, Mike Gough - Lane End Operations Director, provides a glimpse of the real challenges a venue faces after re-opening. 


Face-to-Face Meetings Importance Post Covid-19

14th Jul 2020

COVID has taught us to reconsider the way we do business. The same applies to how we build our workforce's skills and capabilities. Every worker had to adapt almost instantly, muddling their way through zoom meetings and with very little experience to get to grips with other technologies.

For the most part, organisations have adapted seamlessly, and the question is: Do we still need face to face meetings, conferences and training post COVID? Read Lane End's view on why this remains important, here


We're Good To Go

8th Jul 2020

Visit England accepted our application and granted us the "We Are Good To Go" COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark for meeting the following criteria. Read More. 


A blast from the past

3rd Jul 2020

As first post-lockdown excursions go, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting day out – yet for 89yr old German-born Mrs Barr it wasn’t just a trip to Lane End Conference Centre, it was a trip down memory lane. For she had last set foot on the site in 1953 – having lived and worked at Wycombe Court Girl’s School (as it was then) for 2 years preparing food and washing up in their kitchens, and preparing and clearing tables in the dining room. She worked 7am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm every day with two half days per week.  As she drove through the village itself she recognised many of the houses and the old hotel, now flats, on the corner of Church Road leading to the venue.

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1st Jul 2020

Venues are all upping their game in order to provide an attractive option for anyone looking to book COVID-secure residential meetings, conferences and training. 

Use Lane End's bright, self-contained conference and training facilities fully equipped with Grade A+ WiFi, dining areas, syndicate rooms and en-suite roomsaas a COVID-secure residential venue and make your event one to remember. There's no need to compromise and book a hotel just because you need accommodation.


Importance of aesthetics in a training environment

8th Jun 2020

We use five primary senses - sound, sight, touch, taste and smell - to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. All of these help us receive and retain information.

We recognize that different types of learning exist and that learners absorb knowledge differently, but how does it work? Read why aesthetics are important in a training environment, here.