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Ladies event

Lane End team gathers to mark International Women's Day 2019

8th Mar 2019

The team at Lane End gathered today to mark International Women’s Day 2019. 

Our inspirational Chairperson, Teruko Iwanaga OBE, hosted a special drinks reception for all of our female employees.

Healthcare Events Forum - February 2019

Healthcare Events Forum 2019

27th Feb 2019

Lane End Conference Centre was proud to attend the 2019 Healthcare Events Forum recently, in Malmö, Sweden. The event was held 12 – 14th February at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live - one of Europe’s leading specialist healthcare event venues. 

In his latest blog, Heni Fourie - Sales and Marketing at Lane End Conference Centre, reflects on the three-day event.


7 Things you Should Look for in a Conference Facility

27th Feb 2019

Hotels, sports centres, cinemas and even zoos offer conference space for hire. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for the unusual in a bid to sell the conference to your delegates, purpose-built conference centres provide the optimum learning environment in a dedicated, distraction-free zone.

Heni - Lane End Director of Sales & Marketing

Meet the Team: Heni Fourie

19th Feb 2019

Heni joined the team at Lane End ten years ago as Director of Sales & Marketing. He has worked tirelessly to build the venue's reputation and brand, improving the conference experience for our customers and promoting excellent levels of customer retention. 

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Upgrade Your Company Meetings

4th Feb 2019

Company meetings can be incredibly productive and an ample opportunity for teams to come together to plan strategy, organise events or set goals and objectives. However, they can also be the source of great unproductivity and used as an opportunity for staff to catch up on what they watched on T.V. the night before or have shallow discussions about the same old subjects.

staff party

How to Engage Your Staff in the New Year

17th Dec 2018

Returning to work after the festive period can be a frustrating experience for both business owner and employee. Several weeks spent away from the desk can lead to a lack of motivation and desire to perform as workers contemplate the prospect of a dark gloomy January in front of a screen.

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Conference Facility Trends 2019

17th Dec 2018

When it comes to the staging of conferences re-invention is all important, indeed events hosted in 2018 are far removed from those held ten years prior.

Lane End table tennis

3 Ways to Boost Productivity During the Festive Season

20th Nov 2018

As we approach the festive countdown there is always a danger that businesses may suffer the consequences of reduced productivity in the workplace.  Keeping your staff motivated during this period can certainly be a challenge. So how can companies ensure that crucial things such as team development and personal learning don’t fall to the wayside in favour of some sneaky online shopping?

man working at laptop

3 Reasons Why Online Training Doesn't Work

17th Oct 2018

From corporate seminars to sales, health and safety or management courses, this modern age is awash with different tactics when it comes to engaging and motivating your workforce. 

What does remain constant however, is the universal truth that staff training is vitally important to a company’s bottom line. The question is – what is the most effective way to educate your team so that maximum benefit is gained from each course or seminar.

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World Mental Health Day

10th Oct 2018

The most recent figures have shown that 26% of adults have been diagnosed with at least one mental disorder – an increase of 68% in just 7 years from the 17.6% it was at in 2014. Even more alarmingly is the forecast that by 2030 approximately there will be 2 million more adults with a mental health condition than there were in 2013.

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5 Benefits of Company Training

28th Aug 2018

Company training isn’t just important to business, it is crucial- and an increasing number of companies are investing in the training and development of their staff and reaping the rewards that come with that.