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6 Benefits of Using an External Training Venue

6th Apr 2018

Whenever the need for a conference or training event arises the discussion that occurs shortly afterwards is where to hold it – which inevitably leads to the debate on whether holding it internally or externally is the better option.

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5 Reasons Why Hotels Don't Make Great Training Venues

15th Mar 2018

While hotels are commonly used for company training events, it doesn't mean they are the best solution. Purpose built venues are able to offer a wider variety of facilities, less distractions, high quality tech equipment, flexible break out space and a tailored approach to ensure your objectives are met. Take a look here for more information...

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Planning a charity conference on a budget? Here's how.

27th Feb 2018

Many charities run conferences, seminars and other educational events, and these can be a highly effective way to raise awareness of the cause, offer networking opportunities for delegates and, of course, raise valuable funds. Yet charity conferences can be expensive to run, so here are a few ideas for keeping the costs down without compromising on quality or content.


Five top trends in education training

25th Jan 2018

As 2018 gets underway, so education training continues to evolve to keep pace with people’s needs and expectations and to take full advantage of the available technology. Arguably, training in the education sector needs to keep up more than any other industry, as these will be the people educating others and passing on the new approaches and expectations. Here are five top trends in education training to take note of this year.

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Residential Vs. Non Residential Training Venues

22nd Jan 2018

Getting the venue right for your training event or conference is crucial. But what are the benefits of choosing a residential venue over a non-residential venue and vice versa? Take a look at these key differences to ensure you chose the right facility.

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How Much Does it Cost to Run a Training Event?

12th Jan 2018

Organising a training event or conference can be costly, especially if you have a tight budget to keep to. So how buch budget do you really need to hold a training event or conference for your staff and how can you get the most for your money?


New Year's Resolutions for conference organisers

10th Jan 2018

As a new year begins, so it is natural to think about how to do things better in the twelve months ahead.

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5 Reasons Conferences Should be Longer Than a Day

15th Dec 2017

As the New Year looms it’s time once again to tackle the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Months in the planning, an AGM is the culmination of your company’s year and an opportunity to share in the successes of the entire organisation.

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Open Space Technology

12th Dec 2017

Open Space Technology is a meeting format you’ve probably not heard of - but it is such a departure from what is considered to be the norm, it promises to be unlike any meeting you’ve ever experienced before.

Despite the slightly misleading name, Open Space Technology doesn’t involve much technology at all. In fact it strips things back to an almost base level – at least at first – combined with a communal approach to problem solving. Issues are given over to the group to be solved by those best equipped to do so.

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Let Your Objectives Determine the Format

4th Dec 2017

The host of a meeting or conference has the task of deciding what format the occasion will adhere to, but often this decision is based on the wrong criteria. 


Remote control? How to organise a winning webinar

16th Nov 2017

While it is great to get like-minded people together in one room to debate the important issues at hand, this isn’t always possible to achieve. Luckily, today’s technology allows meetings to be set up remotely, with participants dialling in to provide their input over the phone, or logging on to their PC, laptop or tablet to watch and take part in a seminar happening elsewhere – even on the other side of the world.


'Feel the love' on World Kindness Day 

13th Nov 2017

A little kindness makes the world a better place, and this is just as true in the workplace as it is in the family home or school playground. So, with World Kindness Day approaching on 14 November, here are six ways to inject a little kindness into your work.