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Lane End Customer Feedback 2018

1st Feb 2019

At Lane End, we pride ourselves on providing high quality facilities with matching service. Throughout 2018, we surveyed a number of our customers to recieve feedback on things like customer service, quality of facilities and whether or not customers would recommend us to a colleague. We are incredibly proud of the results and and feel they reflect just how far Lane End has developed in the last year...


The Cost Of Not Training Your Staff

20th Nov 2018

Workplace training should be embedded into any business that wants to thrive. With continually changing technology and increasingly competitive markets, training your staff to become more adaptable to change will only benefit your business. So, what is the true cost of not training your staff?

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Conference Event Engagement

23rd Feb 2018

The greatest challenge for any event organiser is keeping your audiences engaged. Interactivity remains the most effective way of communicating your message but when asked we discovered that 56% of respondents felt they could and should do it better.

Discover the best methods and technologies that could transform your next event.


A Brief History of Great Speakers (Infographic)

7th Mar 2016

For inspiration, whether you’re a speaker, event planner or anyone involved in a conference or event, we’ve charted a brief history of some of the world’s greatest speakers. From ancient Greece to modern day America, check out some of the greatest public speakers and their timeless words.


Meetings: A Love and Hate Affair [Infographic]

19th Aug 2015

Are meetings the bane of your life? You’re not the only person who feels this way. Workers the world over dread seeing that little appointment card in their mailbox because they just know that another boring meeting is on the way.


Social Media at Events [Infographic]

21st Jul 2015

More and more people are making use of social media in the events sphere and there are lots of important reasons why. This infographic indicates exactly why and how to use social media at events.


Top Team Building Activities For The Workplace (Infographic)

16th Oct 2014

Management theory has developed and evolved to the promotion of cooperative working environments rather than competitive ones. Read more about how team building activities can contribute to creating cooperative and mutually beneficial work forces. Find below Lane End Conference Centre's top team building activities for the work place.


The Benefits of Teambuilding (Infographic)

25th Jun 2014

Teambuilding can help identify strenghts and weaknesses in your organisation. Here are the various benefits of teambuilding. Click the link below to see the full infographic.