How to make the most of Social Media at your Conference

26th Sep 2014

Whether you’re planning a major international conference or gala awards evening, social media is an easy and effective way to promote your event. 

At Lane End Conference Centre, we have over four decades’ of experience of hosting conferences for international and national organisations. 

Here are our tips for harnessing the power of social media to make your event an online and real time success.


Improving Team Productivity Through Play

12th Sep 2014

Time and again research shows that good communication amongst employees equals better performance. The good news is that it is easy to encourage bonding in the work place, from arranging social nights to attending professional team building events. And just like the call centre, the results are worth it.


Improving Team Productivity Through Play - Copy

12th Sep 2014

Team building is universally accepted as a good and important thing to do if you want to create and sustain an effective, happy, co-operative team. Pulling together, aiming at the same goal or group of goals and celebrating success are all signs that a team is working well together, but how do you get there in the first place? How do you gather together lots of different people and persuade them to gel as a team?


Lane End Conference Centre is seeing increasing demand for its international team building venues thanks to its unique combination of specialist service, high quality facilities and proximity to Heathrow Airport.


Four Ways to Bring Your Team Closer Together

10th Sep 2014

A team that works well together has a positive impact on productivity, customer loyalty and, bottom line, will help improve your bottom line.


The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) - Graduate Experiential Learning Event

1st Sep 2014

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) - a world leading provider of teaching in veterinary science, medicine and nursing - required an experienced conference venue and experiential learning centre to host its inaugural three-day residential Veterinary Team Leadership and Professionalism course.  


Cutting-Edge Conferencing Technology Installed at Lane End Conference Centre

10th Jul 2014

Lane End Conference Centre has upgraded its existing suite of projectors with new state-of-the-art LCD data projection systems.


The Benefits of Teambuilding (Infographic)

25th Jun 2014

Teambuilding can help identify strenghts and weaknesses in your organisation. Here are the various benefits of teambuilding. Click the link below to see the full infographic.


How to Maintain your Fitness Regime this Conference Season

19th Jun 2014

Working away from home doesn’t mean you have to abandon your usual health and fitness regime.


Live Streaming Your Conference - How to Engage Your Audience

5th Jun 2014

Lane End Conference Centre near Heathrow helps top international companies broadcast conferences and corporate events live from its premises in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Jessops Event

Jessops - Kick-Off Conference for Staff & Suppliers

1st Jun 2014

British camera retailer Jessops required a centrally located conference venue for its first Christmas Conference under new owner, Peter Jones. The purpose of the event was to bring together 50 members of the Jessops team, including employees from its Marlow head office and 28 stores nationwide, to brief them on future business plans.


Four ways to Eat Healthy at your Residential Conference

15th May 2014

Conferences are a great way to meet colleagues, find out what’s new in your professional field and hopefully enjoy a little down time.


A Personal Tale About the Power of Experience

14th May 2014

Guest blog by: Julian Dodson

Learning and Development Facilitator
Hi5 Corporate Events