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Sandy Bell

10th Jul 2013

Well done!

I just wanted to pass on Christine’s comments to me this morning regarding the training taking place this week at Lane End. In short, she is very pleased with not only the venue but your excellent staff.  The course has gone well and the group have found that Lane End is just the kind of venue needed for such an intense course. Thank you for making it such an experience for them.

Herman Slutsky

2nd Jul 2013

The staff at Lane End were the best ever. This is the best experience we have ever had in the 10 years coming to the UK! Your staff were amazing.

Sam Collins

28th Jun 2013

I just wanted to say what a fantastic day we all had. It all went great and thank you to you, Heni and all the team for making it feel seamless. Perfect result........lots of happy staff.

Amy Barty

18th Jun 2013

A very BIG thank you goes out to you and all the staff at Lane End that made the course such a success ­ I don’t know what your doing differently but it’s working!!! My delegates all complimented the food, the grounds and overall I believe had a very good stay!

The Christian Publishing Organisation

11th Jun 2013

We were very impressed with the culture that appears to run through Lane End. In addition to yourself, the maintenance people and the cleaning staff both asked members of our party at varying times whether they could be of assistance, was everything going well etc and we thought this was very good and showed that the culture of the whole organisation runs from top to bottom . The food was excellent and people stated that whilst they expected it to be good, they did not think it would be as good as it was.

Lynn Cox - Norgine

10th May 2013

What impressed me most about Lane End was the food (all catering aspects) and the staff - excellent staff, manners, helpfulness, friendly - over an above what I have seen in any hotel. I have stayed at many well known hotel brands for work and none of them had staff as nice as here, even the chef came out to ask us personally what we wanted in our packed lunches. Well done and thank you.


Recognition of Excellence - Lane End Conference Centre