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Pete Stuckey - Tactical Sales

29th Nov 2012

We've used Lane End ever since we started delivering training courses in January 2011 and we have always been extremely pleased with the service we've received ever since. The facilities are modern and superbly suited to training delivery. The on-site accommodation makes it a no brainer for us and our attendees love it because there's so much to do with gyms, fitness facilities, games rooms and more! Can't recommend them highly enough.

Lay Gaik Ung

12th Oct 2012

I would like to congratulate your team at LECC. I am so very pleased to let you know that Peters and Peters, OSJI and and the delegates were full of praises for your venue and staff. The venue was superb and all your staff were cheerful and helpful. Many thanks for your help and support in making this event a success. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Caroline Ce Brun - UKAS

12th Oct 2012

The staff were all very welcoming, friendly and helpful and the food was delicious and very innovative.

Eda Hardy - IAC

7th Oct 2012

What impressed me most was the catering, staff and the grounds - the venue has a very nice feeling about it. Staff is friendly and food is excellent. I really love the place.

Silvia - AbbVie

4th Oct 2012

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for such a great team building event. Everyone had a fantastic time and all the feedback I received was extremely positive. I hope there will be other opportunities to organise events at Lane End again in the near future.

Athena Advisors

3rd Oct 2012

We had a really good time during our team event ­ very inspirational. The venue is excellent and all the staff was very nice and helpful. We enjoyed the team activities a lot (it stopped raining just before we started, so we were so pleased and relieved). I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody!


Recognition of Excellence - Lane End Conference Centre