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3 Ways to Boost Productivity During the Festive Season

20th Nov 2018

As we approach the festive countdown there is always a danger that businesses may suffer the consequences of reduced productivity in the workplace.  Keeping your staff motivated during this period can certainly be a challenge. So how can companies ensure that crucial things such as team development and personal learning don’t fall to the wayside in favour of some sneaky online shopping?

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3 Reasons Why Online Training Doesn't Work

17th Oct 2018

From corporate seminars to sales, health and safety or management courses, this modern age is awash with different tactics when it comes to engaging and motivating your workforce. 

What does remain constant however, is the universal truth that staff training is vitally important to a company’s bottom line. The question is – what is the most effective way to educate your team so that maximum benefit is gained from each course or seminar.

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World Mental Health Day

10th Oct 2018

The most recent figures have shown that 26% of adults have been diagnosed with at least one mental disorder – an increase of 68% in just 7 years from the 17.6% it was at in 2014. Even more alarmingly is the forecast that by 2030 approximately there will be 2 million more adults with a mental health condition than there were in 2013.

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5 Benefits of Company Training

28th Aug 2018

Company training isn’t just important to business, it is crucial- and an increasing number of companies are investing in the training and development of their staff and reaping the rewards that come with that.


There's No Such Thing as too Much Training

22nd Aug 2018

In a fast-moving world the only constant is change and failure to adapt risks stagnation. Indeed, to learn is to evolve and to evolve is to thrive, no matter the industry.

Never let it be said that you or your colleagues can have too much training. Believing as much will result in you falling behind.


14 Things you Must do to Improve Your Training Event Productivity

22nd Aug 2018

A great training event is every bit as dependant on the venue as it is the trainer; when both come into their own the likelihood is your session will prove a highly effective one.

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11 Things to Consider When Booking a Training Venue

3rd Aug 2018

Failure to secure the right location can undermine even great sessions. To avoid that pitfall is to consider what you require on the day itself.


Are Hotels Suitable for Healthcare Conferences?

26th Jul 2018

Arranging a healthcare conference is one of the tougher tasks for any event manager. Occasions of this ilk are always governed by a series of regulations but add the NHS into the reckoning and this increases tenfold.

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Budgeting for Healthcare Events

25th Jul 2018

Sourcing a venue for a healthcare related event can be an arduous process. Be it a conference, training event or product launch, there are a defined set of criteria a venue must meet to be considered viable.

The following considerations will help you make the right choices for your event.

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Is Lane End Conferences Suitable for Healthcare Events?

17th Jul 2018

The legislation surrounding healthcare events will involve a number of different requirements to be considered before committing to a venue. So, is Lane End Conferences Suitable?

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8 Things You Should Avoid When Booking a Healthcare Conference

28th Jun 2018

To host a healthcare conference is to circumnavigate a great many obstacles. Indeed, regulations aplenty dictate what can and what cannot be included within any gathering.