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5 Benefits of Company Training

28th Aug 2018

Company training isn’t just important to business, it is crucial- and an increasing number of companies are investing in the training and development of their staff and reaping the rewards that come with that.


There's No Such Thing as too Much Training

22nd Aug 2018

In a fast-moving world the only constant is change and failure to adapt risks stagnation. Indeed, to learn is to evolve and to evolve is to thrive, no matter the industry.

Never let it be said that you or your colleagues can have too much training. Believing as much will result in you falling behind.


14 Things you Must do to Improve Your Training Event Productivity

22nd Aug 2018

A great training event is every bit as dependant on the venue as it is the trainer; when both come into their own the likelihood is your session will prove a highly effective one.

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11 Things to Consider When Booking a Training Venue

3rd Aug 2018

Failure to secure the right location can undermine even great sessions. To avoid that pitfall is to consider what you require on the day itself.


Are Hotels Suitable for Healthcare Conferences?

26th Jul 2018

Arranging a healthcare conference is one of the tougher tasks for any event manager. Occasions of this ilk are always governed by a series of regulations but add the NHS into the reckoning and this increases tenfold.

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Budgeting for Healthcare Events

25th Jul 2018

Sourcing a venue for a healthcare related event can be an arduous process. Be it a conference, training event or product launch, there are a defined set of criteria a venue must meet to be considered viable.

The following considerations will help you make the right choices for your event.

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8 Things You Should Avoid When Booking a Healthcare Conference

28th Jun 2018

To host a healthcare conference is to circumnavigate a great many obstacles. Indeed, regulations aplenty dictate what can and what cannot be included within any gathering.


10 Star Rating From BWRT

28th Jun 2018

The Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is working towards establishing itself in the face of psychology. The organisation holds a Worldwide Congress in order to bring together major players in the psychology field which have been and continue to be held at Lane End Conferences.

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What to Look for in a Healthcare Conference Venue

26th Jun 2018

Planning a conference is hard work. Arranging one linked to the healthcare sector is doubly difficult.

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6 Key Regulations to Consider When Organising a Healthcare Conference

22nd Jun 2018

Hosting a healthcare conference is no easy task. Indeed there are regulations aplenty to adhere to if your organisation is to remain on the right side of governing bodies.

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Lane End Hosts UK Chocolate Manufacturer's Leadership Programmes

14th Jun 2018

After 7 years of servicing Slough based UK Chocolate Manufacturer's Leadership and Development Programmes, Lane End Conferences continue to go above and beyond for their long-standing client through providing flexibility, cost savings and outstanding customer service, with the Chocolate Giant stating they would recommend Lane End Conferences to other organisations.

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Training Venues: Always Try Before You Buy

31st May 2018

The try before you buy motto is one typically associated with the retail and food industries but holds as great a significance in the corporate event sector as any other.