Understanding Objectives For Presentations

Presentations - Understanding Your Outcomes

18th Aug 2017

Think back to presentations you have seen. There will no doubt be some which stick in your mind as being truly fantastic, while others simply diminish from your memory, never to be thought of again.
Having clearly defined outcomes can make the process of delivering an unforgettable presentation much easier and inform not only the content, but the way this content is presented.


Icebreakers - Living Histories

14th Aug 2017

Think back to the last team building event you attended. You were likely there with colleagues that you work day in and day out with, colleagues you speak to and email on a daily, if not hourly basis, colleagues you know… or do you?

There is a common misconception that the person we interact with on a daily basis is the whole person. On average we spend around 50% of our waking day at work (allowing for 8 hours of precious sleep) so does the half really equal the whole?

Interactive Events

Lane End Research Shows Interactivity is key to delegates

1st Aug 2017

Event organisers are looking to engage further with their audience by making events more interactive, according to Lane End Conference Centre. 

Coffee breaks at Lane End Conference Centre

The way to your delegates' hearts is through the buffet

25th Jul 2017

No matter how insightful your keynote speaker is known to be, or how informative your training notes are, the most memorable aspect of a conference for the majority of delegates is the catering. Provide mediocre coffee or a bad lunch and you might as well pack up early and leave. Here’s how to cater for all tastes.

Chocolate Making Event at Lane End 1000x667

Team Building Should Be More Than Raft Building

17th Jul 2017

When you think of cooperate team building your mind may wander to the clichéd notion of Jan in accounts and Dave in HR trying their best to attach two plastic barrels together using nothing more than twine rope and a plank of wood. Their looks of steely determination, hiding their knowledge that they are about to spend 5 minutes in a cold lake after their craft – “Rafty McRaftface” – collapses… a meter and a half off the shore.

Teambuild UK at Lane End

What a trainer needs from a conference facility?

17th Jun 2017

As a trainer, choosing a venue to host your next training event, especially over several days, can be a tough decision. Cost, location, catering, space and the technical facilities available at the venue all play a part in making the right choice.

Drum Cafe at Lane End Conference Centre2

Drum Café at Lane End goes off with a bang.

9th Jun 2017

More than 50 clients joined lane End Conference Centre last week for a sun blessed evening of prosecco, food and entertainment.

Supported by Drum Café, a key partner of the Buckinghamshire based venue, the event provided an opportunity for all the guests to take part in a live drumming experience using African drums.
The event made the most of a balmy summer’s evening with pre-dinner prosecco served in the venue’s 26 acres of parkland.  Guests were then treated to Drum Café’s entertainment before sitting down to enjoy a lavish three course dinner.

Tea Building Low Ropes

Lane End provides perfect platform to promote and encourage employee engagement

6th Jun 2017

According to Gallup.com, a company that provides data-driven news based on U.S. and world polls, only 13%  of employees worldwide are engaged at work. In other words, about one in eight workers – that’s roughly 180 million employees in the countries that completed the study - are committed to their jobs, and likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations. In hi-level summary, the data from the survey which was carried out in 2011-2012, revealed that 24% of employees were actively disengaged, 63% of employees were not engaged at all, leaving just 13% of staff engaged. 


Lane End Conference Centre research reveals few event organisers enquire about private hire venues 

21st Apr 2017

Latest research carried out by Lane End Conference Centre, a facility that is available for private hire in Buckinghamshire, has revealed that only 15.57% of event bookers ask if a venue is available for exclusive use when making an enquiry. The research, which was carried out using a sample of 122 event professionals, revealed that 7.38% of bookers said that they assumed that it was not at all possible, with 48.36% confirming that they ask occasionally, depending on the type of event and their requirements. 


Adlerian Society - 2 Day Conference Case Study

20th Apr 2017

The Adlerian Society Institute of Individual Psychology (ASIIP) is a charity that promotes the understanding, application and development of Adlerian Counselling and Psychology in the UK. 

The contemporary Adlerian approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy is based on the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, acclaimed alongside Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung as one of the founders of psychotherapy.   


Venues need to maintain a hi-tech/ lo-tech balance reveals Lane End Conference Centre research

13th Apr 2017

Whilst innovation continues to be a focus at Lane End Conference Centre, a recent study carried out amongst its clients and prospect event organisers, has revealed that venues need to maintain a balance when providing equipment for meetings and events. Unsurprisingly, 96.72% of bookers require Wi-Fi however a 90.16% still require a flipchart and 65.57% still require an overhead projector (OHP).


Lane End Conference Centre survey reveals that bookers focus on cost when it comes to Wi-Fi

10th Apr 2017

An ongoing study carried out by Lane End Conference Centre, a Buckinghamshire based venue, has revealed that event bookers are more interested in free Wi-Fi than its capabilities.