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10 Star Rating From BWRT

BWRT programme

The Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is working towards establishing itself in the face of psychology. The organisation holds a Worldwide Congress in order to bring together major players in the psychology field which have been and continue to be held at Lane End Conferences.

Lane End Conferences have enjoyed working with BWRT for the last 2 years in partnership to deliver their crucial Worldwide Conference for international attendees.

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For the past two years the BWRT Congress has been considered a resounding success, bringing together psychology professionals from around the world to present ideas, share research and promote their passion and dedication to the psychology field. Having been running for three years, the Congresses are growing in popularity and success, providing psychology professionals with a valuable source of information.

About The Events

The BWRT World Congress is a chance for the organisation to bring together key members of the psychology community. There are a number of different individual elements that make up the overall Congress including the main conference itself as well as a workshop and congress dinner; providing attendees with an intensive, yet sociable event to enjoy and learn from.

As a result of the different events making up the Congress, it is crucial to the BWRT to use a venue that provides facilities for each and every part. In this case, that would include dining facilities, seminar rooms and conference rooms.

The congress itself covers a range of psychology related subjects, many of which are required to be covered in just half an hour so it is crucial that technology is of high quality and conference facilities provide a productive amount of natural light and comfort in order to be as productive as possible.

BWRT attendees

The Solution

Finding venues suitable for professional psychology or pharmaceutical events can be challenging and in BWRT the following is required of Lane End:

  • A positive and aesthetically pleasing setting that contributes to attendees’ overall BWRT experience. It is crucial that the BWRT are able to reflect that they are highly committed to making the Congress as professional and enjoyable as possible.
  • A location that is easy to get to for people all over the UK and worldwide as the BWRT Congress is very popular with international professionals. Lane End is well situated with good links to motorways and Heathrow airport. Furthermore we are only a 30 minute drive away from Central London.
  • A full solution to congress needs including conference facilities, dining areas, catering and residential packages for those who have travelled particularly far. Lane End Conferences offer access to 104 en-suite bedrooms and can even provide breakfast for that added touch.
  • High quality presentation technology including a computer, projectors and high grade WiFi. Many of BWRT’s presenters also come from across the globe so ensuring they are provided with everything they need to make a good presentation is crucial.

Lane End Conferences are well experienced when it comes to the logistics of organising international events and Congresses and ensure to provide the most effective solution for the client.

Review of Lane End Conferences

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One a scale of 1 – 10 how likely would you be to recommend Lane End Conferences? 10

What are your top 3 reasons for returning to Lane End?
1. Location
2. Facilities
3. Level of service/attention to detail

Was there anything in particular that attracted you to Lane End as a venue?
The venue itself is stunning and set in the beautiful Chilterns countryside providing a great setting that is both focused and enjoyable for delegates. The venue also provides everything we need in one place including conferences facilities, dining areas and catering and even team building and leisure facilities when needed.

Lane End Conferences’ help with our initial enquiry was also great, the staff are very professional and helpful.

Are there any services offered by Lane End Conferences that you haven’t found anywhere else?
The fact that we have been able to have exclusive use of the buildings makes the experience very personal and is something that is very difficult to find, especially when using hotel conference facilities. Privacy is very important when it comes to conferences and the privacy offered by Lane End’s separate buildings is great.

Have Lane End Conferences made a difference to the BWRT programme?
Definitely, Lane End Conferences have enabled us to host a unique and rapidly developing worldwide event for BWRT.

If you would like to know more about Lane End Conference’s facilities or think we might be able to help your organisation with similar challenges please get in touch here or call us on 01494 881 171.

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