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3 Ways to Boost Productivity During the Festive Season

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As we approach the festive countdown there is always a danger that businesses may suffer the consequences of reduced productivity in the workplace.

Keeping your staff motivated during this period can certainly be a challenge. So how can companies ensure that crucial things such as team development and personal learning don’t fall to the wayside in favour of some sneaky online shopping?

Well, fortunately at Lane End Conference Centre we have many ways in which businesses can seek to motivate their staff in the lead up to Christmas. Most importantly, things such as team building events or strategising days away from the office can be significantly more enjoyable for your workforce than festering at a desk planning another festive quiz!

Let’s take a look at our 3 tips for boosting productivity in the office during this distracting time.

Plan An Overnight Training Day

Training days are a fantastic way to show your team that you are committed to their development. Combine this with an overnight stay in a purpose built residential training venue and you will find that staff feel more valued and motivated to perform. Getting away from the distractions of the office can also really help companies to communicate more efficiently with their team. Without the need to take client calls or carry out daily tasks, staff are free to focus purely on their training and interact with their peers.

At Lane End Conference Centre, we offer a great range of both indoor and outdoor leisure facilities including table tennis, virtual golf and 5 a side football – all of which are a great way for your team to unwind after their training. By making your training day a pleasurable experience, staff will return to the office feeling energised and motivated to put any new found skills into practice (rather than clock watching until the next mince pie delivery...)

Team Building Activities

Some say that “a team that plays together stays together” and we certainly agree with this! Team building activities have long been a fantastic way to boost interaction between members of staff who wouldn’t normally work closely in the office. By breaking down the traditional hierarchy in a company for just one day, it can be surprising how new relationships can be built and fresh inspiration shared across departments.

Qualities such as confidence, communication and effective strategising can all be developed during a team building activity and most importantly – it’s fun! At Lane End Conference Centre we offer a variety of options including experiential learning activities, archery, rifle scrabble, segway challenges and even motorised beer kegs. Discover more about our team building activities here.

Customise Your Own DIY Sports Day

No one enjoys a relentless manager cracking the whip in the lead up to Christmas.  A willingness to recognise that it is the festive season and plan something a little different can really pay dividends for a business.  Why not get the whole company together for an exciting sports day during this time – and customise it to suit your goals. By appreciating that there is a slightly different atmosphere in the office during December, managers can harness the buzz of this anticipation for Christmas and turn it into something fulfilling and productive.

At Lane End Conference Centre we offer a fantastic range of both indoor activities that can be chosen to customise your day. These are completely free of charge when you book a day meeting on a DDR package, including a meeting room, lunch and refreshments. So a productive annual meeting could be followed by a company table tennis challenge – the perfect way to burn off that excess festive energy!

Whatever the season, investing in your staff and planning events such as sports days, team building activities and ongoing training is a wonderful way to boost retention and make your business a worthwhile place in which to work.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about any of these ideas or plan an event for 2019 then please call us today on 01494 881171 and we will be delighted to help. Alternatively, we welcome online enquiries and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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