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5 Benefits of Company Training


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Company training isn’t just important to business, it is crucial - and an increasing number of companies are investing in the training and development of their staff and reaping the rewards that come with that.

Staff training should be an ongoing activity within any business as discussed here. There will be little long-term benefits from sending your staff on a one-day training course and then never investing in them again, certainly compared to providing training days and events that are regular and often.

There are many different types of training available to businesses including sales, health and safety or even management training. No matter which kind is most relevant to your business or employees, there are benefits to offering any kind of education and further development, all of which have a direct effect on the business itself, and the bottom line.

Let’s look into these a little further…

1.Improve Productivity

When a business invests in the training and development of staff, an improvement in overall productivity is almost guaranteed. With the additional knowledge gained in further education, staff will be able to better understand tasks and complete them quicker due to that improved understanding.

Quite often, if you are asked to do something you have never done before, or have limited experience in, it will take you much longer than if you had previous knowledge on how to do the specific task.

In providing regular staff training, you are able to help employees develop this knowledge, minimising the ‘dead time’ required to learn on the job. This in turn, results in a faster and more effective workforce.

2.Attract Motivated Recruits

All businesses want to know they have the best employees for the job and training can absolutely help guarantee that- not only through improving existing employees’ knowledge but also through attracting more ambitious, motivated new people too.

Offering regular training and development schemes is often seen as a huge incentive to potential recruits as it offers them an opportunity to improve their skills and further job opportunities.

Don’t worry though, it is highly unlikely that recruits will use your training opportunities to up-skill and leave. Quite often, offering high quality training improves staff turnover as staff feel more valued and motivated within their roles.

3.Boost Morale & Motivation

Working for a business that continues to invest in staff development creates a sense of job satisfaction. In any industry, you will find that workers want to develop their knowledge and skills so providing a good training programme will allow you to instil satisfaction, value and motivation in your workforce.

Training provides a break from day-to-day work life, it is a catalyst for self-esteem and allows you to improve employee independence and value their contribution to the business at a greater level. All of these things are crucial when looking to boost company morale and can be achieved through training.

4.Improve Ability To CHange

Today, the only constant is change and that is relevant in any industry. With continual developments in technology, industry trends, legislation and the like, it is almost impossible to keep on top of everything. However, continually training your staff in these areas will make them more aware and adaptable to change before it comes.

Not only does continual learning reduce stagnation and difficulty accepting change, it also ensures delegates become more aware of the changes coming, along with the effects of those changes. Of course, the better prepared your workforce is for change, the more likely they are to welcome it and take it in their stride.

5.Reduce Business Costs & Improved Profitability

A common misconception is that staff training ‘costs’ the business money. However, businesses should see the investment in training as just that- an investment.

An investment suggests you will see a return greater than the initial spend you put in and as discussed in this article, your business will improve in a number of ways, providing you with a return on your initial investment.

Improved productivity, reduced staff turnover and a boost in morale all make running a business that bit easier and really do make a difference to the bottom line. Each of these reasons underline why staff training and improvement shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but as an investment in the future of the business with an aim to improve profitability, customer satisfaction and the overall company profile.

Looking for a Training Venue?

If you are looking to set up a training scheme for your workforce, be it for healthcare delegates or management training, consider a dedicated training venue to host your events.

Using a purpose-built and off-site facility will ensure your delegates make the most of their training opportunity in a focused environment with no distractions.

Lane End Conferences offers the full solution when to comes to training, providing conference and seminar rooms, break out spaces, dining facilities and even en-suite bedrooms for training days that go on a little longer than the norm.


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