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Major Graduate Training Wins for Lane End

Major graduate training wins for Lane End Conference Centre

Lane End Training and Conference Centre, one of the country’s most go-ahead dedicated conference venues in Buckinghamshire, has recently clinched two week-long graduate programmes from two of the country’s best known companies ­ - yet more evidence of the venue’s popularity as a top-level training venue.
One of the programmes is being run by a UK-based engineering company, while the other is being organised by an international risk management and insurance group. Both training events will stretch over two weeks, with more than 35 delegates for each programme.

The programmes are two of the highlights of a 12-month period in which Lane End has seen a significant upturn in enquiries for facilities for graduate programmes, which have contributed to an overall increase in enquiries of some 20%. The venue has progressively become an established choice for such events, in part because of its infrastructure: it comprises five distinct and separate buildings, giving client companies the opportunity to have a completely self-contained venue - including bedrooms, training rooms, leisure and catering facilities - in one exclusive area for maximum privacy.
Graduate programmes have come to represent a significant part of business at Lane End’s business portfolio, with the number of attendees normally varying between 10 and 15 per programme.  “We are delighted about winning two of the biggest graduate schemes that have come our way over some time, exceeding our expectations in both size and duration,” said Heni Fourie, Sales and Marketing Manager at the venue. “It was extremely important to provide the clients with all the information and support they needed during the decision making process, helping them understand the advantages of our venue and demonstrating the level of service they can expect. Our venue is perfectly suited for graduate programmes, but space alone will not make for a successful programme. We believe it is the friendly service and attention to detail that helped us win this business.”

Constantly evolving

Lane End is extraordinarily versatile, continuously extending possibilities for organisers. For example, earlier this year the dedicated team building venue hosted a teambuilding event for the global financial team of a well-known food manufacturer, to celebrate the end of a successful financial year. In its quest to exceed the client’s requirements, Lane End joined forces with a neighbouring farmer to enable motorised activities in his fields, right next door to the venue and complementing the team building facilities in its own extensive grounds. This development now makes Lane End one of very few venues of its size and standard to be able to offer motorised activities.

Out-of-town benefits

Lane End is set in 26 acres of attractive countryside in the Chiltern Hills, though it’s less than 30 miles from London and Heathrow, with easy motorway connections via the M40. And that’s one of the keys to its success, because a factor that’s certainly working in favour of Lane End is that its rates and facilities enable organisers to dramatically cut the cost of conferences and meetings by moving out of the city - without compromising quality.
It’s seeing a steady flow of companies heading out of London to find lower cost and better value … and the benefits of a peaceful rural location that guarantees calmer minds and therefore more productive conferences. “We help organisers to understand that you don’t have to put up with less if you want to cut your costs: we provide just the same sophisticated levels of facility and comfort as the city, at much more accessible rates,” explained Heni Fourie: “Companies think that just because their head office is in the city, then their conferences must be there as well, but the reality is that most delegates simply do not live in the city centre. It is easier for them to get to a convenient rural location such as Lane End than it is to struggle through all the city centre traffic congestion.”
In total the Lane End Conference Centre has 34 conference and meeting rooms and 104 bedrooms spread across its five buildings. Its extensive facilities also include free wi-fi and 166 free car parking spaces.

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