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Live Streaming Your Conference - Five Ways to Hold on to Your Audience

3-2-1 Action! Broadcasting your business conference live is great way to communicate to colleagues, clients and followers in real time.

But how do you go about reaching and holding on to your audience?

At Lane End Conference Centre, located within half an hour’s drive of Heathrow, we’re an experienced hand at helping top international companies deliver quality conference broadcasts.

Here’s five tactics to help make your live stream a hit:

1. ‘Testing, testing’: Clear audio and picture is a must. For smaller, informal webcasts, a laptop with inbuilt microphone, audio and camera will suffice.

However, for large conferences with lots of participants, it is advisable to use external video conferencing hardware to ensure perfect vision and sound.

Test your equipment thoroughly beforehand and remember to check the output on multiple devices - not just laptops – but tablets and mobiles too.

High-speed broadband: Ensure your conference venue has high-speed internet connection – this is essential to ensure a steady, consistent live stream.

Lane End’s free A+ rated broadband has a guaranteed top speed of 100Mbps, enabling smooth video conferencing with multiple locations worldwide.

2. Get social: Start promoting your live broadcast on social media at least a week in advance.

As well as colleagues, ask speakers, organisers, delegates, and even your entertainment, to plug your event too.

3. Spice up your landing page: Make your conference’s landing page as appealing and interesting as possible.

Biographies, background information and download documents will encourage viewers to stay tuned. Also make it easy for people to share your content with visible social sharing buttons.

4. Involve your audience: Debating something contentious? Conduct a live poll to find out what your audience thinks. Holding a Q&A session? Take questions from online viewers and publish the answers online at the end.

Looking for a great conference venue close to London? We can help.

Located in the beautiful Bucks countryside, Lane End is an award-winning UK conference venue offering state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities for up to 150 delegates.

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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