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How to make the most of Social Media at your Conference

Whether you’re planning a major international conference or gala awards evening, social media is an easy and effective way to promote your event. 

At Lane End Conference Centre, we have over four decades’ of experience of hosting conferences for international and national organisations. 

Here are our tips for harnessing the power of social media to make your event an online and real time success: 

Be seen

Once you’ve published an event page outlining all the relevant details, promote your event on key sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Goggle+. 
Don’t assume people will automatically see your event in their timeline ­ post it to individual accounts to make sure. 

Encourage sharing

Encourage people to share your event with their followers to raise awareness and boost attendance figures. 
If it is a ticket only event be sure to specify this and how tickets can be obtained. Also remember social media is two-way street, so return the favour by sharing your supporters’ posts too. 

Invite questions

Once your event is ‘out there’, fire up conversation by asking attendees to pose questions in advance. 

Create a hashtag

Give your event a unique hashtag on Twitter so that people can identify conversations about what’s happening and connect with others who might attend or watch online. 
Also ask speakers, organisers and attendees to tweet before and during your event to create an online buzz. 

Keep it interesting

Don’t just hammer home that you’re holding an event, run a competition via your social media channels. 

Keep it simple by asking a question related to your conference or event theme. 

Monitor your mentions

There are lots of free listening tools to help manage different social networks at once and keep track of conversations about your event. 

Check out these for starters: Hootsuite, SocialMention and Google Alerts. 

Lane End Conference Centre is a stunning residential conference centre in Buckinghamshire. 

We offer eight modern conference suites, 24 meeting rooms and unlimited leisure facilities for up to 150 delegates. Call Heni Fourie today on 01494 417365 or find out more at our website: www.lane-end-conferences.co.uk 

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