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Top Tips for Healthy Conference Eating

When you’re away from home, sticking to healthy, nutritious diet can be challenging. 

Lane End Conference Centre, which provides overnight accommodation and fresh on-site catering every day for business users, shares its top tips for keeping calories in check this conference season.

1. Home from Home ­ It’s normal to splurge once in a while but keep in mind that your food and alcohol intake should not change just because you are away from home. 

2. Eat little and often ­ Weight loss experts often advise to eat between four and six ‘mini-meals’ during the day. 

As well as increasing your metabolism, you’re less likely to feel hungry which can lead to over-eating. Also opt for
smaller plates to keep your portion size down.

3. Stick to your routine ­ Just because a full English breakfast is on the menu, it doesn’t mean you have to order it. If you usually eat cereal and yogurt for breakfast, then try to stick to it.  

The same applies to exercise. Lots of UK residential conference and training centres, including Lane End, provide a gym, running track and even tennis courts. 

Make use of the facilities. You could even turn your daily work out into a fun, physical team-building exercise.      

4. Go for healthy options ­ Lane End always includes freshly prepared, tasty but low-calorie options on its menus. 

Focus on items such as fresh fish and grilled chicken for mains and mixed beans and green salads for sides. 

Also go easy on dips and dressings which can ramp up your calorie intake. 

Instead of a sweet treat with your hot drink at break times, pick some fresh fruit from the fruit bowl.    

5. Maintain balance ­ It’s all about balance. If you regularly choose healthier meal options then there is definitely allowance for a delicious dessert or two.

Heni Fourie, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Buckinghamshire residential conference centre, said: “Much like on holiday, people tend to abandon their diet rules when away on business.              

“As a specialist conference centre naturally our catering is geared towards guests’ comfort. So alongside freshly prepared buffets and three-course dinners, we offer unlimited pick-me-ups, such as tea and coffee and homemade biscuits and cakes at break times. 

“However, it’s all about balance, so we ensure all our menu choices include healthy options too.”    

Lane End Conference Centre is a large residential conference venue and outdoor team-building centre situated just outside of London.   

Lane End’s award-winning venue offers delegates a choice of eight fully-equipped conference suites and 24 smaller meeting rooms. 

The venue’s three largest conference rooms accommodate 100 delegates each.  

Lane End’s purpose-built conference buildings sit within 26-acres of landscaped grounds in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Leisure facilities include a dedicated team-building venue, modern gymnasium, tennis courts and nine-hole golf course. 

Ample free parking and 100Mbps superfast broadband is available across the site.

Are you looking for a stand-out meeting venue near London for your event? If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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