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Biffa Waste Services Ltd - IT, Transformation and MI Conference.

Date: 5th February 2016
Numbers: 66
Venues: Wycombe Lodge and Wycombe Hall

BiffaEvent Overview

Biffa Waste Services Ltd, the UK’s leading integrated waste management company, chose Lane End Conference Centre as its venue of choice for its IT, Transformation and MI Conference.

The event was created to take time out as a team whilst considering the future of their function within the company as well as dealing with how to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of both Biffa and the world of business and technology. It was also a rare opportunity for Biffa employees to socialize and network.

Lane End’s proximity to the Biffa head office and accessibility for delegates were key factors when choosing the event venue but the layout of Wycombe Lodge was also a major factor. The event required a series of break-out sessions during the day and Lane End’s beautiful and serene surroundings provided this.

As well as Wycombe Lodge’s convenient layout the catering also played a part in the decision. Healthy homemade food provided delegates with the nourishment they needed to focus and engage with the conference’s content throughout its duration. The venue’s on-site accommodation also added a degree of convenience for those attending the conference.

The success of the event has prompted Biffa to consider future events at Lane End.

Part of the solution that Lane End was able to provide Biffa throughout the event was the dependability of its team. Biffa’s report following the event was quick to commend the support of the sales, marketing and facilities team.

One final challenge to overcome was a lunch delay of approximately 45 minutes due to workshops over running. The Lane End catering team was able to comfortably handle this and work round Biffa and its delegates.

Happy Results

Biffa’s IT, Transformation and MI Conference was the first to be held at Lane End Conference Centre and the first to be arranged by IT Operational Administrator, Lyn Logan.

The location of Lane End was a clear positive from the outset for Biffa but everything from Wycombe Lodge to the catering impressed, prompting the business to confirm they would use the Buckinghamshire-based venue for future events as confirmed by Lyn:

“Lane End’s proximity and accessibility made it the perfect venue for our IT, Transformation and MI Conference. From the moment we booked the event to its final stages, Lane End was able to provide excellent facilities, superb catering and a setting where our delegates could really focus. 

“Like all events, there were challenges but Heni, Lydia and the Lane End team were helpful and prompt with answers and solutions. 

“Without a doubt we will be using Lane End for a future event.”

Challenges and Solutions

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced ahead of and during the event was the fact that the IT, Transformation and MI Conference was the first event of this type to be arranged by Lyn Logan. Event creation and management is not an easy task but it was Lane End’s welcoming team that helped ensure the event was easier to control and, as a result, a real success for the company. Any questions or queries that Biffa had – Lane End were able to provide solutions and answers.

As ever there are always challenges when it comes to important and high profile events such as this. Technology was required throughout the conference and Lane End was able to provide all that Biffa required. During the conference Biffa experienced some difficulties connecting their laptops and presentations through the ceiling-mounted data projector and wall-mounted plasma screens provided in the conference room. However, the Lane End facilities team was quick to support and resolve the issues without causing any interruptions or delays to the conference.

For further information or to talk to the Lane End team, please contact:
Lane End Conference Centre – 01494 881 171

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