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Lane End Launches Popular New Chocolate Making Courses

New Apprentice-style chocolate making courses are proving to be a sweet success at Lane End Conference Centre.

Award-winning Lane End Conference Centre near High Wycombe has teamed up with expert chocolatier Paul Hargreaves - formerly of Harrods - to offer the tasty new team building events.

Paul trained as a pastry chef at Harrods before going on to Switzerland and America to learn more about sugarcraft.

Paul launched his own specialist chocolate company Coccoa & Cream seven years ago. He offers two types of chocolate making courses at Lane End.

The first is an Apprentice-style team building challenge in which participants work in groups to develop a brand, produce their chocolates, present their finished product and demonstrate a profit margin.

Winners of the challenge are awarded a carefully crafted chocolate medal and a bottle of wine each to enjoy during the chocolate feast finale.

The other course is an informal and fun activity which provides entertainment and the opportunity to learn something new.

Paul gives an informative talk about the history and process of chocolate making, followed by chocolate and wine tasting to demonstrate the end result of different chocolate-making processes.

Everyone will have a chance to roll their own chocolate truffle, dip it in liquid chocolate, decorate it and take it home in a beautiful box.

Paul said: “I really enjoy sharing the unique skills and traditions I learned at Harrods.

“Everyone loves chocolate and this is a great interactive activity which not only promotes teamwork but also educates the participants about the chocolate making process,” he added.

Buckinghamshire-based Lane End Conference Centre has hosted chocolate making events for three companies in October:

a team event for a satellite office of a well known software company ­ - the aim was to bring the group together to get to know each other and to build rapport
an Apprentice-style team building challenge for a local company to enhance team work
another local company wanted to do something different at the end of a one-day conference to end the day on a (chocolate) high.
Sales and Marketing Manager Heni Fourie said: “Chocolate making courses have proved to be tremendously successful - we’re getting great feedback.

“Paul takes chocolate to the next level with his knowledge and expertise,” he added.

Last month Lane End Conference Centre announced that it had gained the maximum five stars in the Food Standards Agency’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. The centre operates three dining rooms with three dedicated kitchens at its 26-acre site.

Chocolate making is just one of a wide range of team building events at Lane End.

The centre also offers motorised events including quad bikes, off road buggies and blind driving plus fun activities such as archery, crossbows, laser clay pigeon shooting and sports days.

Lane End is a purpose-built residential conference centre in the Chiltern Hills just an hour’s drive from the centre of London. Its conference centre facilities include 34 meeting rooms and 104 bedrooms.

Lane End’s business meeting rooms and accommodation are divided between five self-contained buildings.

Companies and organisations can book entire buildings to themselves, ensuring complete privacy and maximum productivity.

Lane End offers a range of conference and training venues, all with superfast broadband up to 100Mb/second, thanks to a new a direct fibre optic link.

The centre’s Grade A+ broadband rating is nine times faster than the average speed in the UK and puts it in the top one per cent.

This offers Lane End a significant advantage over other UK conference venues as meetings become increasingly digital with video-conferencing across the world.



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