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Lane End Hosts UK Chocolate Manufacturer's Leadership Programmes

conference roomCelebrating a 7 year business relationship is significant in any industry, but is particularly momentous for an industry in which business relationships often only last for a few years, such as it is with the corporate events and training industry.

Lane End is delighted to have been working with the UK Chocolate Manufacturer, supporting them with their Leadership and Development Programme for the 7 years.

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The Slough based manufacturer is a house hold name, supplying people and pets with chocolate, food, confectionary, pet care products and drink brands all over the world. The University at the organisation is a global team of associates who build resources and training programmes for employees of all levels. The programmes include anything from marketing and management to engineering, and are a core part of the corporation's development.

About The Events

The manufactuer's Leadership and Development events are part of a key programme of the University consisting of 100,000 associates all over the world. Made up of a five-day workshop, the course provides delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills as emerging leaders within a global corporate organisation.

With 20 – 25 delegates attending each event and the event running 20 courses per year, the client requires a reliable, professional and high quality service with the ability to deliver consistency and a focused environment for delegates.

The Challenge & Solution

As a large corporate organisation, the client requires a training venue to provide:

  • A full solution including accommodation and dedicated meeting space within an private building that would become the home of the Leadership programmes.
  • A large, light and bright meeting room with enough space to accommodate double the amount of attendees and plenty of wall space for large displays.
  • Storage space for Leadership materials
  • A fully trained member of staff to set up the training room with Leadership materials 
  • Flexibility around bookings and cancellations
  • Bespoke catering solutions
  • Help with reducing costs

Lane End Conferences continually ensures to provides the best possible solution to each of the cient's challenges and requirements.

Provide A Full Solution

We ensure that our conference porters have a thorough understanding of the courses to ensure the rooms are set up specifically for each course before delegates arrive, including table and chair layout, workbooks, course content and room displays. While this is something usually done by the client, the frequency of meetings and great partnership Lane End has with the Chocolate Manufacturer has lead to us taking this on for the client to make their job that little bit easier.


Flexibility around catering has been a big requirement for the client and one which Lane End goes over and above on expectations to provide a better customer experience.

The client hosts a welcome dinner at Lane End on the first night of each weeklong programme followed by an end of course dinner at an off-site location on the Thursday night. The sales team at Lane End sourced and shortlisted various off-site options for the client to select their two preferred venues. The Lane End team then liaise on behalf of the organisation with these venues to communicate event dates, final numbers, special diets, menus and wine choices. Lane End Conferences also arrange payment on behalf of the client to continue providing a full solution and ensuring they have a positive and uncomplicated experience.

The remaning nights are free evenings and the manufacturer gives delegates the flexibility to decide whether they would like to be catered for at Lane End or if they would like to cater for themselves at a near-by restaurant. The team at Lane End often assit guests with ad-hoc restaurant bookings, menu choices and transport. 

Offer Storage Space For Materials

Lane End receives large amounts of course content in advance and coincidentally have built a dedicated cupboard for the client's storage needs in order to provide easy access to their training resources.

The conference porter takes inventory after each course and liaise with the sales team to discuss deliveries with the client's admin team.

Review of Lane End Conferences

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We asked the University Manager to answer a few questions on why she believes the business relationship between Lane End and the Slough based Chocolate Manifacturer has been so successful…

On a scale of 1 – 10 how likely would you be to recommend Lane End Conferences? 10

What are your top 3 reasons for returning to Lane End?

  1. High customer orientation.
  2. The high quality of food.
  3. The fantastic meeting rooms and grounds.

Was there anything in particular that attracted you to Lane End as a venue?

  1. The flexibility of staff and reliability of the venue.
  2. Lane End Conferences offer a high level of support around the needs linked to our programme.
  3. The venue set up and facilities.

Are there any services offered by Lane End Conferences that you haven’t found anywhere else?

In addition to the great venue facilities and opportunities for outdoor sports and activities, the attention to detail, responsiveness and flexibility of staff are all things that haven’t been matched in any other venue.

Have Lane End Conferences made a difference to the company programme?

Absolutely, if delegates don’t feel welcome and at home, then they can’t focus on learning. Lane End have really helped provide a home from home experience, particularly with the on-site pub - The Cedar Club - and other leisure facilities, the wonderful outdoor space, comfortable bedrooms and great catering. It is also situated in an ideal location, providing additional opportunities for off-site entertainment with nearby pubs and leisure for those who need a change of scenery during their stay.


If you would like to know more about Lane End Conferences’ facilities or think we might be able to help your organisation with similar challenges please get in touch here or call us on 01494 881 171.

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