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Choosing a Venue to Suit Your Needs


At Lane End we offer a variety of venues to suit a wide range of events, but how do you know which is right for you? To answer this question you must first understand what you need from a venue before you can select the most suitable.


Location and cost are very closely linked to each other. However, choosing a location is so much more than simply finding the largest capacity venue for your money, capable of holding your expected attendance. 

It must be suitable to the kind of event you are holding. Your surroundings matter a great deal during any experience, and you want the place you’ve selected to be conducive to what you are trying to achieve.

Does it provide the necessary technology you need - such as audio visual equipment or a sufficient Wi-Fi connection? We can sometimes take it for granted, but it is not always the case that these things will be present.

Specialist venues have a distinct advantage over more generalist locations. They are designed to be perfectly suited to hosting your type of event, often knowing what you need before you’ve realised it yourself. 

They are also able to quickly source any additional non-standard equipment or services you may need.


You need to have a fairly accurate estimate of the numbers attending, and any method you can use to compel attendees into confirming their attendance in advance is worthwhile

While maximum capacities are not to be exceeded due to fire safety laws, you also don’t want a half empty space filled with islands of quiet conversation. 

Keeping everyone adequately fed and watered is a big responsibility, particularly over more than one day. Allowing the venue to cater to your guests' every need will enable you to focus on your purpose for being there – engaging your attendees.

Other considerations include the distances between your chosen location and your attendees, and the proximity of accommodation if necessary.  Sufficient parking and transportation links for those not driving or travelling from further away are also relevant concerns. This is also covered in our Get The Most From Your Venue page.


To help balance the cost, look into what else is included in the rate as premium venues may well have access to equipment and services other places charge extra for. By having as much as possible covered by the venue you can save time and money overall. 

Everything you need must be considered as they can all add significant costs if not already included - and will often push up the cost of hosting your event beyond the cost of booking with a higher end venue that takes care of everything for you.



You need to be sure the place you are hiring can fulfil the space requirements of your event. You do not want over or under crowding, or poor traffic flows and confusing layouts to detract from what you are trying to achieve. 

Do you need a single large space, or can you break the event down into several spaces or across multiple rooms? If you do break it down, are the spaces close together and easily navigable?

Having smaller rooms create a more intimate space to engage people in, away from the bustle of the main arena. If you plan on holding workshops, seminars, training sessions, pitching spaces, you will benefit from having a number of these areas close to primary hosting space.

Also be aware of you attendees and their individual needs and special considerations.


Now you have considered what you want from your venue , at Lane End we have a selection of five separate spaces, all fully equipped, and each with its own character and capabilities to suit a variety of needs. Have a closer look and see if any of them are perfect for you:

•    Wycombe Lodge – Completely self-contained with dedicated facilities and adjoining accommodation, you can execute your event in complete privacy.
•    Wycombe Court – With a variety of spaces and rooms it is better suited to a more complex event, and has adjoining accommodation overnight stays.
•    Wycombe Hall – Offering the largest individual accommodation capacity, the Hall can handle a larger number of attendees for multi-day events. 
•    The Quadrangle – An intimate venue with its own court yard, the Quadrangle is perfect for training and assessments. 
•    The Pavilion – The single largest individual space at Lane End, it is ideal for larger presentations, demonstrations, banquets and functions.

If you would like to take advantage of Lane End's accommodation and conference facilities Contact Us Here or call us on 01494 881171

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