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Five top trends in education training

Webinar Meetings

Mobile learning

The concept of mobile learning is not simply receiving training materials via a mobile phone or tablet. It goes beyond that, taking advantage of the flexibility of mobile technology to enable participants to learn on the move, set their own pace, use multiple devices and experience ‘bite-sized’ sessions, rather than one long conference or seminar. Having the internet available, and a device in their pocket, wherever they go can also motivate people to do further research into the topic at hand and enrich their studies while on the move.

Room to learn

Despite the popularity of mobile learning, there is still a place for face-to-face training and the chance to interact with an audience and to debate with the instructor. Despite so much technology now existing, we remain resolutely human, with a human need for contact and support. Room layouts now need to reflect both sides of learning with plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots, internet connections and charging points, but also room for break-out discussions, group working and relaxing during breaks.

3D printing

3D printing is still pretty much in its infancy, but it is already making huge differences in areas such as medicine, engineering and design. As it evolves further, it can make an enormous impact on the classroom and conference arena as well, allowing prototypes to be displayed and students to create their own 3D models then and there, in response to the teaching material being presented.

Additional needs

Understanding of special educational needs and the adjustments required to allow everyone to benefit from the same access to education is increasing every year. Resources to help0 students with issues around dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD etc. are becoming more sophisticated. Technology is allowing better facilities for students who are deaf, visually impaired or physically disabled. Providing laptops, voice-recognition technology, tablets and specially adjusted seating will help students to concentrate better on the information being provided and enjoy an even playing field with the rest of their cohort.

New subjects

Finally, as our understanding of the world develops, so new subjects emerge as areas for potential study. Not just in the world of tech; many academics and educators are expressing interest in new concepts and ways of looking at the world and education training must follow their lead to develop courses to encourage interest and research into the unknown. Having access to state-of-the-art education and training facilities, such as Lane End Conference Venue, is a key part of this quest for knowledge, as it allows people to come together to share findings, debate innovative approaches and present exciting new ideas to peers and influencers in a professional setting.
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