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GPs Symposium highlights value of Lane End's 'exclusive use' option

The recent selection of Lane End Conference Centre in Buckinghamshire for a significant annual gathering of family doctors has once again focused attention on one of the venue’s core features: the scope it gives organisers to book one of more of its five distinct buildings on an exclusive basis, to optimise privacy and convenience for delegates.

The Royal College of General Practitioners’ Thames Valley Faculty held its annual Symposium at Lane End on March 15th. The event attracted more than 120 guests from across the Thames Valley region and its schedule was extremely demanding, involving keynote addresses, workshops and plenary sessions. 

“This event was a pretty complex programme for any venue to run, but the staff at Lane End Conference Centre helped us deliver an extremely smooth event,” said the main organiser of the Symposium, Shelley Coburn:  “We booked two of the venue’s five distinctive buildings for exclusive use and the venue’s management team was involved every step of the way to help us plan the event and make optimum use of all the space that was available to us.”
The symposium, entitled ‘Reputation, Trust & Dignity’, facilitated workshops with topics ranging from ‘Timely Diagnosis in Dementia’ and ‘Dermatology for GPs’ to ‘Winning CVs’, ‘Interview Skills’ and ‘Pension Changes and Planning,’. In total eight workshops were facilitated twice each in Lane End’s Wycombe Hall building: each of the eight rooms involved was located a few metres from the lounge and dining room where, following the workshops, a networking lunch was served.

 “The two buildings we used for the Symposium as a whole  were in close proximity,” added Ms Coburn: “This allowed us to ensure that all our delegates found their way between plenary sessions, workshops and catering areas without any interruption from other groups or individuals that were not affiliated with our group.”
Heni Fourie, Sales & Marketing Manager at Lane End, commented: “The success of this event was mainly down to the amount of pre-event communication we’ve had with the main organiser. The organisers involved us in the planning stage and were open to our suggestions for the best use of space. The self-contained nature of the individual buildings we have on offer at Lane End Conference Centre is perfectly suited for this type of event.”

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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