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How To Choose The Best Venue For Your Team Building Event

Planning the Team Building Event


When it comes to organising a team building event, there are a lot of things to think about, and arguably one of the most important aspects of the event plan is deciding on ‘The Venue’.  


You could start the team building vibes early by allowing employees to have an input. Sending out venue options in a poll-type scenario can be a good/fun idea, but that has its pitfalls (response times, non-decision, disagreements in the team) so you may find it more efficient as the event planner to make this decision yourself.


After all, there are plenty of team activities your colleagues can look forward to on the big day!


So, what really makes an ideal venue? We’ve put together a list of top things to consider to help you make the best decision. Let’s take a closer look …



1. Outdoors, indoors, or both?

Consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor event. If your team is full of nature lovers and is the outdoorsy type, then an outdoor venue with plenty of space and activities would clearly be the way to go. If the team prefers to stay indoors, then look for a venue with good facilities and plenty of room to move around. As part of this selection process, you may need to undertake some investigation into the personal likes and dislikes of the team so you can ensure individuals’ preferences are catered for. It’s not easy to please everyone, so you may opt for somewhere that offers indoor and outdoor activities, so you mix it up a bit.


2.The Great British Weather.

From planned holidays to anticipated weekends, we have all experienced the disappointment of dreary, grey, soggy weather that can ruin plans for outdoors activities. Choose a season in which the changeable weather is least likely to impact your event plans (good luck!), or better still, select somewhere that has a wet weather option available.


3. Location is key.

If you're team is based in a city, then an urban team building venue may be more convenient, however, this might also be a great opportunity to escape to a more natural environment and give the team a much-needed change of scenery. If your team is spread out across different locations - which is quite likely post-pandemic - then choosing a central, easy to reach venue may be the best option.


4. Type of activities available.

Activities are central to the team building event, right? Whether its Segwaying through a forest, building a fortress out of sticks or a good old tug-of-war, the activities - whether they are trust building, communication-focused or just for fun - are essential to the day. While the fun and thrill seekers may desire adrenalin fuelled activities, it’s important to keep the goals and objectives of the day in mind, and the chosen activities should align with what you want to achieve for the whole team on the day. Don’t forget to ensure that there are activities that are accessible and appropriate to everyone’s abilities too.


5. What’s the budget?

A boring one, but budget does tend to dictate which venue options are available to you. Looking for places that offer ‘everything’ (activities, food, and refreshments) can be a good way to get the most bang for your buck. You might be surprised at how much team building venues can vary in price, so it's important to do your research and get a few quotes before you commit to anything. Early bird bookings can also be a good way to save funds, so look out for any deals from your preferred choices.


6. Additional facilities required?

Think about whether you require things like overnight accommodation, tea & coffee breaks, catering, audio visual equipment etc.  These are all things that need to be considered before making your final choice.The best venues will be able to accommodate these requests but having a good idea of exactly what you need from your venue will help you negotiate a good rate and also ensure you don’t miss anything out. Hotels and conference centres are often good choices for events that need to include on-site accommodation.



If you need to plan a team building event and you’re not quite sure where to start, give Lane End a call or message – we’d be happy to help and recommend some ideas based on our considerable team building activity experience, outstanding facilities, and location.


Hop over to our Team Building Solutions page to find out more about what we offer, including customised event packages to our experiential learning centre developed in partnership with HI5 Events.


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