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How to Engage Your Staff in the New Year

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Returning to work after the festive period can be a frustrating experience for both business owner and employee. Several weeks spent away from the desk can lead to a lack of motivation and desire to perform as workers contemplate the prospect of a dark gloomy January in front of a screen.

In order to counteract this post-festive slump, it is crucial that companies find new and exciting ways to combat a sluggish office environment and re-ignite their workforce for the year ahead. So how can businesses effectively engage their staff in the New Year? 

Let’s take a closer look at 3 approaches that can improve productivity, generate motivation and increase staff retention (as well as enhancing the well being of your employees.)

1. Plan A Strategising Event

Taking your staff out of the office is an excellent way to increase focus and promote creativity – a particularly effective antidote to the post Christmas blues!  Planning a strategising event at the beginning of a new year is a fantastic way to get the whole company together to evaluate business goals and objectives. By allowing workers to mix outside of their traditional departmental hierarchies, new relationships can be formed which may lead to valuable collaborations in the year ahead.  

What’s more, by choosing a dedicated residential training venue, businesses can upgrade their event with an overnight stay and the opportunity for staff to unwind together into the evening. At Lane End Conference Centre, we offer a total of 104 en-suite bedrooms, excellent leisure facilities and multiple bars and coffee lounges in which delegates can relax after a day of strategising. By giving staff something to look forward to in the weeks after Christmas, businesses can seek to transform this traditionally unproductive period into a fun, inspiring and motivational start to the year ahead!

2. Introduce a Regular Training Programme

Regular training is a powerful way to develop knowledge and create a faster, more effective workforce. Furthermore, staff will feel more valued when they know that a company is investing in their skills and personal development. Why not unveil a new training programme to your team at the beginning of the year? Regular training will not only improve the performance of your current workforce but also act as a huge incentive to potential recruits. If conducted at a dedicated training centre with leisure facilities, businesses can boost the “fun factor” of their training event with enjoyable pursuits such as virtual golf, table tennis or 5-a-side football.

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3. Explore Team Building 

Team building events are not only fun, but a great way to develop confidence and inter-departmental relationships (ones which may not have developed in a cellular office layout.) Taking your team out of their every day environment and encouraging them to problem solve together is a fantastic way to promote camaraderie and collaborative thinking – skills which will come in very useful back at the office! At Lane End Conference Centre we offer a wide range of team building challenges including archery, segways, experiential learning and even DIY events that can be personalised to suit your requirements.

Some businesses choose to motivate their team in the new year with an away “sports day” that can be bolted onto a training or conference event.  At Lane End Conference Centre, leisure activities such as foot golf, table tennis and beach volleyball are completely free of charge when businesses book a day meeting on a DDR package – including a meeting room, lunch and refreshments.

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So as you can see, there are many ways in which companies can engage their staff in the New Year!  By thinking ahead and anticipating a potential lull in productivity, businesses can introduce a variety of motivational and fun events early on in the year to boost spirit and morale in the office. 

If you would like to discuss any of these ideas with our team at Lane End Conference Centre then please call us today on 01494 881171 or make an enquiry online.

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