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Improving Team Productivity Through Play - Copy

Team building is universally accepted as a good and important thing to do if you want to create and sustain an effective, happy, co-operative team. Pulling together, aiming at the same goal or group of goals and celebrating success are all signs that a team is working well together, but how do you get there in the first place? How do you gather together lots of different people and persuade them to gel as a team?

A great way is to kick things off with some team building - a specific exercise, or set of activities designed to help people get to know each other, understand each other's personalities and priorities and to set the mood for cohesive, co-operative working back at base.

“Evidence shows that team building helps boost communication, morale and productivity enormously.  

“While it might feel like ‘play’, team building activities are a really effective way of breaking down barriers and putting colleagues at ease with each other. Even after one session, clients report improved focus, renewed energy and better communication amongst teams.”

Lane End Conference Centre delivers tailored experiential learning courses and corporate team building events for London-based and national businesses. 

Its purpose-built award-winning facilities include:   

• A dedicated team building and experiential learning centre offering over 20 interactive games and challenges designed to foster trust, communication and co-operation between participants.  

• Fun indoor and outdoor team building activities, including off road Segways, Max Kat motor racing and Air Rifle Scrabble to name a few, plus unlimited free access to the centre’s fully-equipped gym, outdoor fitness trail, jogging route, golf course, tennis courts and five-a-side football pitch.

• Professional culinary challenges, including Bake Off style cake and chocolate making challenges. 

• Peace and privacy ­ Lane End Conference Centre sits within a private 26-acre country estate. Its facilities comprise five spacious self-contained meeting venues, each with private lounge, bar and dining room to maximise networking and socialising amongst team members.

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