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Key Signs That Your Training Venue Is Taking You For Granted

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Like any relationship, successful partnerships in business require a consistently high level of personal attention and an ongoing commitment to provide a first class service.  In order to cement a long standing alliance, it is crucial that these exemplary standards be maintained throughout the customer’s life cycle. 

Sadly, it is not uncommon for a positive beginning to be hampered by an emerging level of complacency once business has been won. This can leave companies disappointed in their service provider and quite rightly – motivated to seek out an alternative that will follow through on initial promises.

So what are the tell tale signs that your training and conference venue of choice may be shirking in their duties and not delivering on those initial guarantees of excellence? 

Let’s take a closer look at three key indicators that would suggest your relationship has turned stale and it’s maybe time to move on...


1) Lack of Investment in Technology

Considering the significant time and money that goes into organising a training or conference event, it is imperative that your chosen venue has the technology and facilities to support you. Sadly, too many venues are providing out of date audio/visual equipment and low-grade Wi-Fi which can be a source of great frustration and embarrassment in a training situation. Certainly not conducive to a relaxed and productive event.

If you have a long-standing relationship with a training venue but have become disillusioned with their technology then perhaps it is time to insist on the necessary upgrades or consider switching to a venue that uses the latest equipment as standard. Unfortunately many businesses are still unaware that purpose built training and conference venues such as us exist - providing all of this and so much more!  From state of the art technology already installed in single purpose training facilities to Grade A Wi-Fi and both residential and non residential delegate packages.   

Businesses that are still choosing to host their training or conference event at a hotel will also frequently find themselves restricted by a lack of infrastructure and flexibility – which is not surprising considering that hotels host a great variety of public events (often at the same time as yours) and cannot be expected to have the specialist knowledge or facilities of a purpose built training venue.


2) No Flexibility 

A good training and conference venue should create a dynamic environment where delegates can meet to learn and share ideas. Most businesses will have a unique approach to how they wish to conduct their event and a venue should be willing and able to accommodate these objectives. Remember that personal attention to detail that we mentioned at the beginning? This is one of the most crucial things that must be considered when partnering with a training or conference venue.

Be wary of any facility or hotel that is rigid in its placement of furniture or lighting. Walk away from dark, poorly lit conference rooms with gloomy corners. Natural sunlight (and the ability to control it through easily adjustable windows and blinds) is essential to a successful event as well as the attention levels and comfort of your delegates.

A well designed and flexible training space should of course, offer wheelchair accessibility as well as properly functioning HVAC that is easy to control. If your current venue has neglected to provide this, or if what is on offer is loud and unreliable – it may be time to move on to a modern, purpose built training and conference facility that offers all of this as standard. 

At Lane End Conferences, we provide five, self contained buildings equipped with state of the art audio/visual technology and a total of eight conference rooms with 24 syndicate rooms. With 104 en-suite bedrooms and unrivalled leisure facilities we are perfectly placed to host both residential and non residential training events and conferences to the highest of standards. Most importantly, our single purpose buildings are incredibly versatile with on-site catering, masses of natural light and relaxing views of the leafy surroundings. 

3) You’re Not the Only One

No one likes to hear that they’re not the only one. But sadly this can be all too true if you choose to host your event at a multi purpose venue. Hotels may seem like a good choice for businesses that are not yet aware of dedicated conference establishments such as Lane End Conferences – but be aware that you may be sharing your space with a multitude of other folk!  From wedding receptions and anniversary parties, to raucous tourists and noisy little ones - too many distractions may prove to be the downfall of your carefully planned event...

A single purpose training and conference venue will afford you the peace and privacy that is so beneficial to both trainers and staff. One of the most significant attractions of an off-site venue is the freedom it gives delegates to completely switch off and focus on the task at hand. This just cannot be achieved if your current venue is reluctant to offer you exclusivity of facilities and the flexibility to break off into dedicated (quiet) spaces for well deserved break times. 

If you’re not the only one...perhaps it’s time to move on?

Lane End Conferences is conveniently situated in Buckinghamshire within easy reach of the M40, M25 and M4 – just one hour from central London and under 30 minutes from Heathrow.  We have worked with a huge variety of businesses and have a unique understanding of what goes into a successful training event or conference. 

Our team of specialists would be delighted to talk to you – whether you are looking to change from an existing venue or are simply making your first steps into discovering more about us!

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