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Lane End Conference Centre survey reveals that bookers focus on cost when it comes to Wi-Fi

An ongoing study carried out by Lane End Conference Centre, a Buckinghamshire based venue, has revealed that event bookers are more interested in free Wi-Fi than its capabilities. 

The research, which is an ongoing project, was carried out amongst 122 Lane End clients to help the venue to further understand what trainers and delegates deem important when it comes to Wi-Fi. A staggering 86% of bookers ask if the Wi-Fi is free but fail to ask how effective the Wi-Fi actually is. The study shows that;

•    86.07% of bookers ask if Wi-Fi is free
•    34.43% of bookers ask the upload and download speed of the Wi-Fi
•    31.97% of bookers ask if extra Wi-Fi capacity can be made available 
•    50% of bookers ask how many devices can be used concurrently 
•    77.87%of bookers ask if Wi-Fi covers the whole venue
•    50.82% of bookers ask which parts of the venue have weak Wi-Fi coverage 
•    47.54% of bookers ask if there is a data capture process in place to access Wi-Fi
•    31.15% of bookers ask if the venue has a Wi-Fi contingency plan

Director of Sales and Marketing at Lane End Heni Fourie said; “We all know that the expectation is that Wi-Fi should be free, and that venues that do not offer free Wi-Fi are deemed to be behind the times. Event bookers need to ask more questions about the Wi-Fi to ensure that it is suitable and meets the requirement of the delegate – the fact that the Wi-Fi is free is irrelevant if it’s inefficient and not fit for purpose.” 

Lane End Conference Centre offers direct fibre optic links, which provides the venue with Grade A+ Wi-Fi of up to 40 Megabytes per second (MBPS) or hard-wired 200 MBPS guaranteed. This makes the venue ideal for virtual meetings, video conferences and live-streaming through designated websites or social media platforms. Free hard-wired internet is also available for organisers and delegates who want to use their own video conferencing supplier. 

Lane End Conference Centre offers a unique modular design with five distinct and completely self-contained conference buildings – each offering bedrooms, meeting facilities, bar, lounge and dining room – available for exclusive use.

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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