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Is Lane End Conferences Suitable for Healthcare Events?

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If you have read any of our recent information on healthcare events and conferences you will understand the challenges there can be in finding a suitable venue to hold a healthcare or pharmaceutical event.

The legislation surrounding these types of events can feel limiting and will involve a number of different requirements to be considered before committing to a venue that may or may not be compliant with said legislation.

So, is Lane End Conferences suitable for healthcare events? The short answer is yes!

Our purpose-built facilities and previous experience holding healthcare events make us an ideal choice for a venue that is guaranteed to adhere to both your requirements and the legislation surrounding healthcare events.

Here are just a few ways in which Lane End Conferences can provide compliance for your healthcare event:


Privacy is a big factor when it comes to booking a venue for a healthcare event, particularly when it comes to product launches to ensure there are no other pharma competitors present.

Not only this but ensuring there is also privacy from other industries, events and even the general public is crucial in order to create a focused environment.

Leisure hotels for example, are rarely compliant when it comes to healthcare simply because of the lack of privacy from the general public and guests using the hotel facilities.

Lane End Conferences however, have 5 self-contained, purpose-built conference buildings to ensure you have 100% privacy for your event with no external distractions. This includes 8 conference rooms and 24 syndicate rooms as well as dining facilities.

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2.Focus On The Event Content

In order to comply with ABPI regulations it is crucial there is no confusion around the motivation of the event. Healthcare professionals must attend solely to learn about, share ideas on, or discuss healthcare related matters without distractions common to event venues - which may include swimming pools, spas, or golf courses.

Lane End Conferences is a B2B event venue without a spa, swimming pool or golf course. While we do have leisure and gym facilities available, these can easily be closed with restricted access as not to be a distraction.

3.Budgets + Invoices

The healthcare sector spends a huge £378 million on conferences and events each year (1). However, this is not as a result of lavish venues and unrequired luxuries. In fact, the budget legislation surrounding healthcare events is increasingly exacting and must not exceed the amount attendees would be willing to pay themselves.

Lane End Conferences is able to provide quality facilities including catering and stay over facilities as well as the conference spaces themselves.

The on-site catering service means you don’t have to worry about going over budget or being accused of spending on unnecessary luxury.  We can provide you with high quality catering from as little as £23 per head ensuring your delegates are well cared for while not being distracted from the purpose of the event itself.

Our simple, yet comfortable stay over facilities are also ideal for those who need somewhere to stay during a 2+ day event. Again, the low cost and privacy of our en-suite bedrooms is typically attractive to those looking to book a healthcare conference.

We are also able to provide a clear and transparent break down of invoicing so you have complete clarity on where your budget has been spent.

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Just because you’re limited by budget doesn’t mean you should limit your event to using mediocre technology. Unfortunately, when looking to cut costs and save money (or comply with legislation) the quality of technology can be one of the first things that suffers.

That isn’t the case at Lane End Conferences. We guarantee state of the art technology, including flat screens, projectors and grade A+ WiFi so you know your event will run as smoothly as possible. We even include photocopiers, stationery and flipcharts as standard and none of our in-house equipment comes with an additional charge.


Based in the beautiful Chilterns countryside, Lane End Conferences offers a focused environment with no distraction for your healthcare events. Our facilities include access to on-site dining areas and bedrooms for those who wish to stay at a reasonable price and all complying with the ABPI legislation.

If you would like more information on using Lane End Conferences for a healthcare conference or event, please get in touch here or call us on 01494 881 171.

(1) https://www.pharmafield.co.uk/features/2013/05/Fancy-meeting-you-here

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