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Lane End provides perfect platform to promote and encourage employee engagement

RVC Team Building at Lane End - Lane End Conference Centre

According to Gallup.com, a company that provides data-driven news based on U.S. and world polls, only 13%  of employees worldwide are engaged at work. In other words, about one in eight workers – that’s roughly 180 million employees in the countries that completed the study - are committed to their jobs, and likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations. In hi-level summary, the data from the survey which was carried out in 2011-2012, revealed that 24% of employees were actively disengaged, 63% of employees were not engaged at all, leaving just 13% of staff engaged.

We’ve been interested in engagement at Lane End Conference Centre for a long time. So much so, that back in 2011, we introduced the first major experiential learning centre for the London area. Whilst organisations will have different reasons for using experiential learning, there is one common theme; improving performance.

Experiential learning has never been more important to businesses – it’s a process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing". Through trial and error the learning becomes personalised and the behaviour turns into a habit over time with the aim of inspiring improved staff engagement and better performance in the workplace.

It is based on a cycle which incorporates experiencing, reflecting and sharing, interpreting, generalising, applying and revisiting and repeating. Through participation in experiential learning, delegates can assess their effectiveness and personal behaviours ¬allowing them to consider the alternatives and increase their skills.

The purpose-built facilities at Lane End enable us to host more than twenty physical, mental and team building challenges all of which are designed to improve key skills such as communication skills, team roles, leadership, trust and delegation. Each activity is designed to tackle different areas of workplace behaviours. For example ‘Sort’ is a challenge that replicates silo management and the frustration of not being able to see the big picture. It helps with leadership, strategic planning, trust, delegation, attention to detail and team roles, whilst our rocket launch challenge focuses on creativity, planning, evaluation and control.

With each organisation having different end goals, flexibility in developing the programme is of high importance. By offering a modular service we can deliver everything from a whole leadership development programme to a small experiential part of a much larger initiative. But the overall aim remains the same; to motivate employees, enhance team work and support classroom activities.

If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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