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Lane End Wins IACC European Innovation Award

Lane End Conference Centre has been recognised for a series of sustainable initiatives which serve to underline its commitment to the environment.

The dedicated conference facility - which this year marks its fiftieth anniversary - scooped the IACC’s European Innovation Award for sustainability over the weekend.

The prize comes on the back of a recently launched 15-point plan designed to cut emissions and make the planet a better place.

Putting sustainability above profit, the venue has become a trailblazer for the industry as a whole, as outlined by a jubilant Director of Sales & Marketing Heni Fourie.

“Sustainability is a necessity not a luxury. It is a mindset that must be adopted by all the people on this plant to create a sustainable future for all. We have a responsibility as meeting professionals to find solutions not only for our customers but also to secure the future of our profession.”

Concerted efforts have already paid dividends. Indeed Lane End have succeeded in reducing single-use plastic by 63%, with similar targets set for the next twelve months.

The green initiatives themselves, which quickly evolved from 5 to 15, include reducing the use of paper, swapping plastic bottles for reusable glass equivalents, recycling food waste and repurposing furniture historically discarded in the wake of necessary refurbishments.

iacc-awardElsewhere the venue has taken the bold and admirable step of offsetting company flights. In signing up to MyClimate – a non-profit organisation that puts a price tag on carbon dioxide – management have taken measures to ensure money goes back into climate protection.

Similar tactics are used by Ecosia – the search engine that puts profits into planting trees where they are needed most. This innovative approach has so far resulted in 56 million springing up worldwide, a number Lane End hope to see grow as they adopt a new default browser.

The IACC award is the latest in a long line of accolades for Lane End, Buckinghamshire’s leading conference venue.

Having secured VenueVerdict Gold Accreditation in January 2018, it was subsequently shortlisted for ‘Best Conference Venue – Under 650 Theme Style’ at the Conference Awards and later for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ at the Buckinghamshire Business ceremony.

Just as impressive were the results of Lane End’s own internal customer feedback survey, wherein almost 99% of respondents rated the facilities as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ over a 12 month period.

The popular venue – which boasts five separate buildings, along with overnight accommodation and teambuilding facilities – is clearly thriving in the here and now but has a careful eye on the future also, one it hopes will prove to be sustainable.

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