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Managing a Team? Here Are Four Things You Should Know

Stepping up to manage a new team can be a challenging business. You are likely to be pulled in multiple directions, have new goals to achieve and need to deal with an array of HR issues. 

Here are four tips to help:  

• Be a team player ­ It’s a phrase that’s bandied around a lot but it’s true. Being a good team player is about pitching in alongside your team - rather than above them - and playing to each other’s strengths. As well helping your team gel, team members will respect you more if you’re getting your hands dirty too.

• Delegation’s what you need ­ To avoid ending up doing all the work yourself or lumping the workload onto one or two team members, effective delegation is critical. Distribute work evenly and communicate clearly what is expected and how an individual’s task relates to the big picture.     

• Invest in your team ­ If a team member is keen to learn something new, or try a new way of working, encourage them. Don’t be afraid to blow budget on appropriate training and development. Fresh skills will benefit the individual, your team and, ultimately, help your business area progress. 

• Get to know your team ­ Take time to get to know your team as individuals. As well as making them feel valued, it’s important to find out everyone’s strengths and long-term goals. Arrange a regular night or fun ice-breaking team building activities.

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