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Meet the Team: Heni Fourie

Name: Heni Fourie    
Job title: Director of Sales & Marketing
How long have you worked at Lane End? Ten years 
1.    Tell us about your role at Lane End at what it involves?
First and foremost it is my responsibility to increase sales, maximise revenue opportunities and promote customer retention at Lane End. We are in the business of ‘people’ and I work hard to promote longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships internally with our team here at Lane End and externally with our customers. A happy team delivers excellent service, which ensures our customers return time and again. 
My role at Lane End is varied and I play an active part in deciding the future of the business when it comes to technology, catering, new developments and any initiatives affecting the customer experience at Lane End. 
For me, the customer must always remain at the centre of everything we do. I therefore make time to meet our guests and spend time with our trainers and conference organisers whenever possible. 
2.    What’s your favourite thing about working at Lane End?
The flexibility we offer our customers. We pride ourselves in being responsive and flexible. We tailor everything we do around the customer and we have a team that will go the extra mile to ensure that their expectations are delivered. 
3.    What do you think is Lane End’s secret to success? 
Adaptability. We have been an independent venue for 50 years and we are still going from strength to strength. The reason for our success is that we have always taken a proactive approach in terms of design, technology and catering to ensure we deliver a dedicated environment that is conducive to the learning process. 
4.    What do you think the meetings and events industry will look like 50 years from now? 
It is my hope that the events industry will be leaders in sustainability. It is such an important matter and I believe we have a responsibility to offer solutions rather than just being responsive to customer requests. I also think multi-channel events will become the norm, incorporating face-to-face and virtual attendance with flexible spaces and fluid agendas. With a new generation entering the workforce I think objectives will change greatly. There will always be a need to meet, train, facilitate and share information, but the way in which we do that will change. 

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