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Meetings: A Love and Hate Affair [Infographic]

Are meetings the bane of your life? You’re not the only person who feels this way. Workers the world over dread seeing that little appointment card in their mailbox because they just know that another boring meeting is on the way.

The statistics in this infographic show that so many members of staff do not listen at all during meetings. They spend their time daydreaming or pretending to pay attention. In fact the only individuals who consider meetings to be worthwhile are those in managerial positions. And even they’re losing out because meetings cost companies a lot of money.

Many are of the opinion that meetings are inefficient or a waste of time. This isn’t necessarily because the participants are daydreaming instead of paying attention. Really, you need to consider why participants are daydreaming. It could be a case of the meeting lacking focus, not the individuals present.

There are ways to change the dynamics of a meeting however, in order to reduce the level of apathy among staff. For instance, those leading the meeting should spend more time on making meetings more engaging with things like visuals and activities.

It might be worth considering holding conferences at an outside, purpose-built location instead. You may find the outcome to be more successful and this infographic will show you why.


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Meetings Infographic

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