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No 'I' in Team? Five fabulous team building games

A key objective for many business conferences and events can be to bring a team closer together, whether they are used to working together in the same office every day or are spread more diversely across the country or even world. Here are five ideas for team building activities that will encourage people to open up, start talking and even display a playful, creative side they may never have known they had.

Tea Building Low RopesThe Shrinks

Place several sheets of paper on the floor, enough for everyone in the team to stand on them. Gradually, take one or two sheets away at a time, making the area that people have available to stand on smaller and smaller. The team has to work together to make sure that no-one falls out of the area still covered by the paper.

Spaghetti TowersSpaghetti Towers

Provide each team with some uncooked spaghetti, two metres of string, some scissors, a roll of sticky tape and a small flag. Challenge people to see who can make the tallest tower that can stand on its own, with the flag balanced at the top. The tallest tower wins, plus you can have extra categories for things like best design and most innovative solution.


Divide the group into pairs to play a series of communications games. For instance, get people to sit back to back with their partner and give one person in each pair a word or phrase and the other one a piece of blank paper and a pencil. The first person must talk about word to the other one without actually saying what it is, while the other draws what they think is being described. Or, come up with well-known word pairings, such as fish and chips’ or ‘king and queen’ and stick one word on each person’s back. They must then mingle, asking each other questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers until they work out what their word is and then locate the person who has the other word in the pairing on their back.

Coats of ArmsCoats of arms

Get together in groups to design a new coat of arms for your company. Ona  large piece of paper, draw a shield shape and divide it into four sections. Then, have the groups come up with ideas for something that represents a recent success for the organisation, a stated ambition, a challenge that needs to be overcome and finally, an image that represents where you think the company is going in the future. Share the finished designs with the other groups and discuss the various ideas.

Egg-DropEgg drop

Give each group a raw egg and various ‘construction’ materials, such as plastic bags, card, newspapers, straw, rubber bands, string etc. Choose somewhere where you don’t mind some mess being made and get everyone to come up with a way to drop the egg from one or more storeys using the materials to stop the egg cracking open when it hits the floor. Test each other’s contraptions and pick a winner!

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