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Social Media at Events [Infographic]

More and more people are making use of social media in the events sphere and there are lots of important reasons why. Today’s generation are constantly using their smartphones. The large majority of us are also members of one or more social network. In fact, 71% of online adults have Facebook. For this reason it’s important to take advantage of social media when organising and running an event.

Those that have made use of social media at their events in the past have reaped the benefits. Event organisers found that not only did using social media at events increase awareness of the event in question, it also increased brand awareness. They were also able to improve customer loyalty in this way, create a new information channel with staff and customers, and generate leads!

We bet you can’t wait to incorporate social media into your next event! But how do you do it? Well there are the obvious ways i.e. creating an event page on Facebook. There are also some not-so-obvious ways to use social media at events, such as hosting a live Q&A session using Twitter. There are many ways to use social media to your advantage in the events industry and this infographic will show you how.
Social Media at Events1

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