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Superfast broadband now readily available

Do you know the true internet speed you can expect at your training venue?

Lane End Conference Centre recently invested in a direct fibre optic internet link. The final implementation took place at the end of April. Ever since then the venue benefits from a superfast, totally reliable internet connection.

The team at Lane End now uses speedtest.net to give customers live updates of the real internet speed they can expect at Lane End Conference Centre. This morning the download speed was recorded at a staggering 92.23Mb compared to the UK average of only 12.08Mb (www.uswitch.com/broadband/speedtest).

Mike Gough Operations Director at Lane End Conference Centre said: “We are absolutely delighted with setting such a high standard.

We have noticed a remarkable increase in the number of events where the overall success relies heavily on unfailing internet access, and we simply could not justify leaving such a crucial element of our operation to chance.”

Lane End Conference Centre is a specialist training venue with more than 40 years experience in hosting and managing successful business events. If you would like more information on Lane End’s conference and training facilities, or would like to come and visit us, please contact us or call us on 01494 881171 for more information.

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