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Event Organisers' Masterclass

The Event Organisers’ MasterclassTM
Lane End Conference Centre ­ Thursday 28th October (09.00-17.15)

Like show business, when it comes to event organising we often tend to smile nervously and say ­ ‘it’ll be alright on the night’. But what we’re really saying is, we’ll leave it to chance and get by come what may.

Given that there are few business activities which impact the reputation of the organisation (and the organiser) more than an event, vague leave-it-to-chance planning is just not good enough. People are involved ­ and what they experience makes all the difference.

Because an event is usually a one-off deal to those who attend, any opinions formed from the event are usually long-lasting if not unshakeable. People seldom return and give you a second chance if they weren’t impressed. It has to go right first time.

You never get a second chance ...

This is where the Event Organisers’ MasterclassTM comes useful. You receive all the answers and guidance you need in one day for your event to run smoothly. The course is designed to help you achieve a successful event, on time and within budget.

Martin Ison, managing director of communications and training company Micomms and the main tutor of the course, said: “First impressions count for a huge amount in business. And, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, it’s dangerous to leave any detail to chance. You can really tell which events have been organised by an experienced pair of hands; people may not catch the details but they certainly get the feeling if something’s not quite right.”

The day long course consists of ten sections and shows delegates the ins and outs of the planning and execution stages of an event. From setting objectives and themes, through to managing speakers; working with venues; briefing AV crews; and marketing ­ including 12 essentials for gaining sponsorship to contribute towards costs ­ there is all you need to know about staging a successful event.

Chartered Institute of Marketing CPD Accredited

Apart from providing much needed lessons from practical experience, the course also helps those interested in gaining continuous professional development (CPD) qualifications. Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s CPD programme, the Event Organisers’ MasterclassTM is the ideal source of practical skills development for the event and conference organiser.

100-page reference manual and free Venue Survey Guide

As part of the course, delegates receive a 100-page reference Workbook that acts as both a learning aid and a reference publication. Delegates also receive a free Venue Survey Guide which includes an 80-point questionnaire to help to establish whether a venue is right for your event.

In fact, if there’s anything you need to know about event organising, the Event Organisers’ MasterclassTM is the place to ask.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the course, simply request your own PDF brochure by email to: heni.fourie@lane-end-conferences.co.uk or telephone Heni Fourie on 01494 887662.

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