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Triaster's Sales Conference for 100 delegates

The Client

Triaster is a process improvement company, based on Oxfordshire. Its Process Library solution helps organisations to develop process maps, to share these processes efficiently at all levels, and to stimulate process improvements that will deliver real business benefits to their customers.

The Event

Triaster’s annual sales conference for up to 100 customers, new prospects and consultants. A two day residential event for midday on Day 1 to 4 pm on Day 2, with set-up the day before.

Particular requirements were:
• That the event should stand out, with delegates not feeling that they were merely part of a range of events happening on site
• A versatile spectrum of well-equipped conference and breakout rooms and a quiet syndicate area for use as a video filming studio
• An efficient and friendly ambience
• Opportunity for a prior visits so that detailed layout plans could be developed, and for uninterrupted pre-event access to enable the setting up of display stands and speaker rehearsals
• Venue support that would reflect Triaster’s own philosophy of outstanding customer service, including out of hours support
• Good quality, residential accommodation and scope for various sort of hospitality from a barbecue to a formal dinner
• Overall value for money

The Solution

Lane End, the 104 bedroom residential Conference Centre near High Wycombe, was selected from a shortlist of three providers. The venue has five self contained conference facilities ­ with a total of 34 meeting rooms ­ and the availability of a distinct area for the event achieved the privacy and focus that Triaster required. It also made  advance visits and pre event setting up much easier and more efficient.

The focal point for the event was Lane End’s Pavilion facility, with conference sessions in its Suite and informal events, such as a welcome barbecue, on its Terrace. The main Pavilion room was transformed for the formal Conference Dinner on Day 1. Buffet lunch on Day 2 was served in the Lane End’s main dining room so that the layout of the main Pavilion Room would remain undisturbed. The venue’s adjacent Wycombe Lodge provided a separate, quiet facility for video filming.

Staff support and service regularly receive very high ratings in the monthly BDRC reports. BDRC is an independent market research organisation specialising in the hospitality sector.


We consider the Triaster Conference 2009 to have been a very successful event.
Business relationships with our customers have been strengthened and we had clear feedback after the Conference that delegates enjoyed the experience ­ both the content and the venue.

Building further on existing good customer relationships was a key objective of the conference and we needed to find a venue where there was an efficient yet friendly atmosphere, where we were confident our customers would be well looked after.
Lane End Conference Centre was extremely good at this. From the set up to the break down, they were helpful, readily available and extremely supportive to us as event organisers and to our delegates.

Beforehand, communication over event planning was detailed and precise. At the event, they coped with ad hoc requests ­ such as quickly providing jugs of iced water on an unexpectedly hot day ­ with courtesy and efficiency. From housekeeping to the General Manager, everyone was keen to help.

The beautiful landscaped setting at Lane End helped set the scene and created a relaxed atmosphere for conversation and networking.

We would not rule out using a hotel, but feel a dedicated business centre/conference venue is more likely to offer the combination of facilities and service we require at a price we are happy with.

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