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Upgrade Your Company Meetings

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Company meetings can be incredibly productive and an ample opportunity for teams to come together to plan strategy, organise events or set goals and objectives. However, they can also be the source of great unproductivity and used as an opportunity for staff to catch up on what they watched on T.V. the night before or have shallow discussions about the same old subjects.

In fact, London Loves Business suggests that unnecessary and unproductive meetings cost businesses £35,395 each year in staff time*! This demonstrates a huge cavity in company productivity and raises the questions of why companies hold meetings in the first place and what can be done to make those meetings productive?

Why Do Businesses Hold Meetings?

There are a number of reasons a company might need to hold a meeting including:

To Inform & Educate – A simple method of conveying a consistent message to a large number of people. By having everyone present in one place it often reduces the risk of misinterpretation and any concerns can immediately be addressed, leaving everyone with the same message. In order to make these as productive as possible, stick to covering one topic, ensuring to answer questions at the end as oppose to throughout the meeting.

Morale – Having so many of your team together in one place is a great opportunity to improve their teamwork and morale. Achievements can be celebrated, and the ambitions and goals of the business can inspire the entire company. Ensure to keep these meetings as interactive and interesting as possible to ensure staff don’t drift off into casual conversation.

Strategy & Policy Making – Typically reserved for higher level management, these can and will decide the future of the business. These meetings are often fairly productive however, ensure there are no interruptions and ban the use of emails and phones to ensure all members are as focused as possible.

Task/Problem Specific – Sometimes we are faced with a special set of circumstances beyond what can be considered a normal problem. Such instances can often benefit from gathering those able to help solve the issue. Make these meetings productive by again, ensuring there is little distraction and preventing discussion from straying away from the problem in mind.

Whatever the reason for your business holding a large meeting, ensuring there is little distraction and a laser focus on the issue in mind is crucial and will ensure you aren’t contributing to that £35,395 on unproductive meetings!

How To Upgrade your Company Meetings

In order to gain that focus, lack of distraction and productivity within a meeting, it is best to venture off-site and consider more than just whether or not staff should be bringing their lap tops. Consider things like:

Meeting at an off-site venue - A change of scenery can make all the difference, giving staff a fresh perspective on the subject matter as a new environment enhances focus and provides a burst of energy. Going off-site also removes any risk of distraction including emails, telephone calls and office chit-chat ensuring that your meeting is as focused as possible.

Using better technology – Venturing out to any good off-site meeting venue will mean you can use state of the art technology. Instead of wasting time getting internal technology set up and ready to go, turn up to your venue with everything you need waiting for you. Any good venue will also supply you with microphones, remote controls and printers if required giving you one less thing to worry about.

Providing brain food – If you are going to take your meetings off-site ensure to choose a venue that has the facilities to supply good, hearty food to your team. No one can focus on an empty stomach and fuelling your team with a healthy meal will only make them more productive and focused.

Building on team relationships – Poor team relationships can often sit at the heart of reasons why meetings aren’t productive. Taking your team off-site will allow them to bond outside of the typical office environment as the new location creates a sense of occasion and a neutral ground on which to work together.

Lane End Conference Centre provides a focused environment away from distraction. In fact, our facilities mean you can hold your meeting in a self-contained venue with everything you need just a few steps away. Our state-of-the-art technology, quality catering services and team building facilities mean you will have the complete meeting solution. We even have stay over facilities available should you need to book overnight accommodation.

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